About Wailing Rock

Wailing Rock is a modern supernatural roleplay sim, nestled within the San Juan Islands in northern Washington. Built across two full regions, Wailing Rock is quickly becoming a favorite roleplay destination for role-players across Second Life. From the scenic ocean side to the the island's summit, we offer a truly unique environment for our role-players to develop and nurture their stories.


Wailing Rock was created with two ideas: first, to provide a beautiful backdrop for our players. Second, we wanted a place where players were treated with respect and dignity - and not as a traffic statistic. These ideas developed from a true love of roleplay and a sense of community. We make all the time we can to truly listen to our residents, help them develop their characters, and do everything we can to create exciting, memorable experiences. 

We invite you to come by anytime for a tour, and to get to know our staff.

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