So You Want to Roleplay a Water-Born...

You’re living with an ancient curse. Way to make the best of it!


First, a quick glimpse at the origin of Water-Born, according to Wailing Rock’s lore…


Water-Born are the creatures that are whispered about throughout many different cultures. Many Native American tribes have passed down tales of fearsome creatures that are half-human, half fish. There are also legends of creatures that live in the oceans here on Earth but are not born of this world. While no one living may know the true story, there is one tale that prevails...


Long ago, a Native American tribe found an idol of Nylarthortep at the edge of the ocean's waters. Not knowing what it was, they brought the artifact to their Chieftain. Everyone who touched the idol became afflicted with madness, including the Chieftain, who decreed that a blood sacrifice be performed to open a gateway between the heavens and Earth. The ocean turned red with the blood of slaughtered tribesmen, but the ritual worked - and the Chieftain led the survivors into the ocean, to the underwater gate to Nylarthortep's layer of the Abyss. Many people say that they remained there for generations, slowly transforming them into hulking, evil monstrosities. Thus, the first Water-Born were created. 

The legend goes that Water-Born, when in their true form, are not the beautiful, colorful sirens that fairy tales would have us believe. It is said they are a manifestation of madness, and have the appearance of vicious creatures capable of surviving the deepest reaches of the ocean.

Today, many prefer to dwell on land, blending in with humans. Some even choose to mate and reproduce with humans - however, they chance having either a human child or a Water-Born child. They work jobs, and maintain normal homes. But they also watch, and if inclined to do so, may even choose their prey... when the moon is full, the Water-Born return to the oceans, and should they feel the desire to do so, drag victims with them. The Water-Born haunt coastal waters. When in the water, they dwell in undersea caves filled with trophies, taken from their victims and/or sunken ships. Some say they tie the rotting corpses of dead enemies and drowned sailors to strands of kelp to mark the borders of their territory.

Again, we may never know what the truth is - so what we believe to be true, and the true nature of Water-Born, is known only among their kind.


Where to Begin

The first decision you’ll want to make when considering a Water-Born is what you want to look like. Is your form closer to that of a mermaid? Or do you want to look more like an underwater predator?  


A Water-Born’s appearance is all up to interpretation, and this was done with intent - players should feel free to create whichever type of aquatic creature they’d like. You certainly could take a typical mermaid route, but feel free to get creative! Barbs, teeth, fins, webbed fingers and toes, shark-like skin… the possibilities are endless.


The only true restriction is the coloring. Since the intent was to have Water-Born as close to creatures already found in nature, coloring should not be pink, teal, rainbow sprinkles cupcakes. Look to underwater predators for guidance when it comes to your personal color palette.

Lifespan of a Water-Born

While Water-Born aren't immortal, they do have incredibly long lifespans, much like sea turtles and other creatures that live in the deepest part of the oceans. It's typical for a Water-Born to live 500 years or more.

What Do Water-Born Get Their Sustenance From?

Well, almost anything they please, really. However, just like any other creature, they have their preferences and their poisons. So, what can then eat?


  • Food and drink. Water-Born have no digestive issues with typical food and drink, though might have preference toward seafood.

  • Underwater life forms, to include other sea creatures, kelp, etc.

  • Water-Born. Yes, Water-Born can be cannibalistic if in a frenzied state. 

  • Lycans, Humans, Vampires, and Witches.

  • Nature Spirits, though this is a gray area. While Water-Born certainly can eat Nature Spirits, they might feel more frenzied and unable to control their from shift afterward due to the aether in the blood. Consume with caution.


Water-Born Abilities and Weaknesses


Speed and Agility:

Once in the water, the Water-Born become incredibly quick and agile.

Blood Defense:

Their blood carries paralytic and/or toxic capabilities, and no creature would dare feed from them.

Bite and Grip:

In their true form, Water-Born have have sharp teeth, capable of tearing through flesh, as well as a grip that is helped along by barb-like growths on their fingers, fins, shells, or whatever other body component they've developed.

Cold Defense:

Due to being acclimated to life in the ocean's depths, far away from sunlight, Water-Born are well-adapted to frigid temperatures. This ability also manifests in their human form, making the almost completely resistant to the cold Washington winters.


Water-Born have a defensive ability to emit a powerful frequency, which lowers the attack power of nearby enemies. 


Water Born can communicate telepathically with one another over long distances, both in and out of water.



When in their true form, Water-Born are more frenzied, and less likely to be capable of rational thought. If you should encounter a Water-Born in the water, think - and you may possibly be able to out-maneuver them.

Light and Sound Sensitivity:

Due to spending much of their lives in the depths of the oceans, Water-Born are not accustomed to bright light and high-pitched frequencies. They can cause disorientation and in some cases, extreme discomfort. 

What Other Abilities do Water-Born Have? 


There is no way to communicate aside from speech on land. Underwater, however, Water-Born can emit clicks, croaks, and high-pitched waves (though the last would be more of a defense tactic)


On land, a Water-Born’s abilities are very similar to those of humans. Once in the water, in true form, those abilities take on a warrior-like capacity. Water-Born are incredibly fast, and they may barbs, tails, tendrils, teeth - anything that allows them to keep a firm grip on their prey. 


How do Water-Born Uphold the Masquerade?

The masquerade is just that: we are monsters, and we hide our existence. All of this depends upon the particular Water-Born and how they exist in their lives, of course. Generally, they cover their tracks. They may not like one another in the least, but as soon as one is revealed, all are at risk. In order to uphold the masquerade, Water-Born often resort to tactics similar to those below to feed:

  • Bludgeoning/knocking out their prey

  • Seducing their prey

  • Drugging them or getting them drunk, though that will have the effect of drugging the Water-Born as well (some may like this though!)

  • Some Water-Born kill their prey outright and drag their bodies into the ocean 


How do Water-Born Recognize Each Other? 

When in the water, much like fish or underwater mammals, they have a row of special cells inside a special canal along the surface of the skin. This is called the "lateral line" which allows them to detect water vibrations. This sixth sense allows Water-Born to detect movement around them and changes in water flow. On land, however, they would use their sense of smell to recognize one another.


Additionally, we can seek signs of it in roleplay (attempting to detect scent or behavior, or shaking hands to find the skin temperature. This is all done with player consent, of course).


What Effect Does the Moon Have on Water-Born?


High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon's gravitational pull generates something called the tidal force. The tidal force causes Earth - and its water - to bulge out on the side closest to the moon and the side farthest from the moon. These bulges of water are high tides. 


Tides don’t have an “effect” on Water-Born per se… however, this might affect where a Water-Born can and cannot go at times.


Furthermore, Water-Born will have a heightened desire to return to the ocean when the moon is Full. This is when a Water-Born feels frenzied, and if they choose to play such, become quite vicious. 


Does this mean you have to play your character as a crazed killer? Absolutely not. You may be an ancient Water-Born, who over time has developed discipline and can fight those urges. 

The Water-Born: The Birds and The Bees

Water-Born are able to breed amongst themselves. When two Water-Born mate, their offspring will be Water-Born. They may even breed with Humans, Lycans and Witches... however, the offspring has a 50/50 shot of being either/or - they can NOT be a blended race. They will not carry genetic markers of both, so please keep this in mind when creating your character. 


That’s it! Do you have other questions that we haven’t addressed here? Bring it up to the staff, or discuss in the Water-Born channel on Discord. We’ll do our best to incorporate it in the future. 


​For questions regarding character creation and appearance, please contact us or visit us in-world. 

​Masquerade and You: Notes

​So, you're considering applying to Wailing Rock and when you do, you will need to check a box that states you have read all of the rules, and that you agree to the conditions created by our lore. One of those conditions is that you maintain masquerade - that is, that as a supernatural being, you do not expose yourselves to humans.

But then you think, I'm going to see what happens. Well let me tell you what happens: You die. You die horribly. Along with everyone involved.

Let's think about this logically. You saunter down the street in full view. Yes, you're big and strong, and yes, you might be faster. But you're outnumbered. You're outnumbered by humans who have guns, fire, and the ability to walk in the daylight. 

Then all hell breaks loose. Let's say you live - a massive hunt begins, and humans take out anything that even looks questionable. It becomes the top headline on news outlets worldwide. Or, let's say they find you and kill you. They put your body on display. The federal government swoops in and takes your body to Area 51. Worldwide news coverage. Who knows. Either way, you've irrevocably altered the course of humanity, forever.

It's 2019, we're in Washington state. The SL world we exist in is as close to the RL world as possible.

Maintain the masquerade.

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