So You Want to Roleplay a Demon...

You are a creation of the Void and somehow made your way to Wailing Rock. Congratulations, and how exciting! So… now what?



First… a quick glimpse at the origin of Demons, according to Wailing Rock’s lore….


As creatures created from Chaos, demons come in many different shapes, sizes, and forms. Because of this, they often possess above average strength, sight (including dark-vision), hearing, and speed. Demons may take up different appearances to easily intermingle with the mortal realm. Most Demons are capable of taking a humanoid appearance, blending into their surroundings when needed. However, there are some demons that prefer to stay in their true form. These demons would not be able to roam freely, and therefore, keep themselves hidden under the cover of the shadows, or retreat to The Void. Taking said mortal forms reduces the demons strength, magic, etc that they have in their natural form. In addition, demons may only lie to mortals and other races, to their own kind they may only speak the truth.​

Demons are inherently evil, good deeds normally repulse them and thus are of evil alignments. The ONLY thing they see higher than them is the Great Old Ones. A bashful and humble demon rarely exists because of this. A demon's blood is powerful; it has the ability to corrupt. 

​Demons are all subject to the rule of Nodens. Also known as Lord of the Great Abyss and Nuada of the Silver Hand, Nodens is one of the Elder Gods. He appears as an elderly, human male with white hair - gray-bearded and hoary, yet still vital and strong. He prefers to hunt the servants of the Great Old Ones or Nyarlathotep because they are usually the most intelligent and offer the best sport, but not because he wants to help humans being attacked by them.

Demons feed off of the corruption of man - pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. They can easily slip through the veil, coming into our realm, when mankind is especially primed for it. They possess or embody someone or something (human or animal). They can co-share the object of their possession (ie. 100 demons can inhabit one person). They destroy or corrupt that which they possess. It is widely believed that Demons have a greater knowledge of The Great Old Ones than any other being alive.​

​Abilities of demons vary significantly, depending on the type of demon they are. 


Where to Begin

The first decision you’ll want to make when considering a Demon is your age - are you a new Demon, or have you existed since the dawn of time? 

Young Demons

If you’re new, you’ll probably find that your abilities are a bit chaotic, and you might have less self-control. Additionally, young demons tend to be immaterial. However, they are still capable of possession, and while they are able to summon other demons to them, would probably want to avoid doing so.

Elder and Ancient Demons

If you are an elder or ancient Demon, you’ll come in knowing about a few basics at minimum:

  • The masquerade 

  • Spell-like abilities

  • Summoning

  • Strengths and weaknesses of your race (though you may choose to downplay this if you are a younger Demon)


There are other abilities you can choose to know or learn from others through roleplay. Abilities and weaknesses are listed below.


Demon Abilities

Just as there are many types of Demons, those demons will all have different abilities. While these abilities will all differ, they are the same at their core.


​Minor Spells:

Demon can draw upon a dark magic, which is neither truly arcane nor divine. It is highly volatile, which is why this ability should only be used in the more dire and necessary of situations. 

Examples of Minor Spells include, but are not limited to:

  • Cause fear

  • Cause despair

  • Detect good

  • Chilled touch

  • Influence (also encompasses telepathy)

  • Plane shifting

  • Stun

  • Energy drain

  • Inflict wounds

The strength of these spells will vary greatly from demon to demon, depending on how often they feed and how long they've been in this plane. The longer a demon has been here, the stronger they become. 


Many demons share the ability to summon others of their kind. However, Demons are often reluctant to use this power until they are in obvious peril or extreme circumstances.

​Minor Enslavement:

Demons can place a living being under their control for up to 24 hours. ((With a critical roll of 86+. After 24 hours the demon would need a successful re-roll.))

​Blood Corruption:

The blood of most demons holds a substantial amount of power. When consumed by a mortal, they have a good chance of hearing the whispers of The Great Old Ones, thus driving them to madness. The corruption will also cause degradation to the mortal body, showing physical symptoms that will vary depending on the amount of blood consumed.

​Vessel Possession and Creation:

Demons can take hold of a form or create one themselves- regardless if they are smote in combat or their external shell is damaged beyond repair, they will need to reform a new one or risk getting pulled apart by the reality.


Demons possess a form of telepathy whereby they have the ability to send a message, or plant an idea, without being able to read exactly what a mortal is thinking. 



The most significant weaknesses of Demons are that they can be cast out of the object of their possession, and that they can be banished from this realm by a powerful spell. (OOC: Upon banishing, the roleplayer would need to roll for plane shift. Please contact Sim Support for assistance; we will quickly arrange a scenario for you.

Notes regarding banishment: Once a demon has been banished to the Void, they must remain there for a minimum of 24 hours, and a maximum of three days. After 24 hours, you may attempt one successful roll of 86+ to leave the Void before the maximum time is up.

True Name:

A Demon's true name is it's most closely guarded secret; a true name spoken into existence gives others the power needed for a successful banishment. 

Cold Iron:

Cold Iron is iron which has been forged using special low-temperature techniques, which supposedly makes the iron more 'natural' than normal iron or steel. Hence it's anti-demon properties. While this won't kill a demon, it will cause severe injury.


A demon's blood is not a threat to Vampires. Not only can Vampires consume a demon's blood, but they will temporarily take on their more chaotic nature, feeling a surge in the powers they already possess ((with proper RP, vampires will take on a +2 in all stats for a 24-hour duration.)). This makes demons highly sought-out by Vampires that wish to boost their powers.


Types of Demons

This is quite possibly the most difficult subject to define for Wailing Rock. As in real life, people all over the world have different beliefs. Since Demons slip through the veil dividing The Void from the earth at times when mankind is especially primed for it, those Demons would blend into the society in which they’ve entered. That being stated, Wailing Rock places very little restriction on the types of Demons that can exist in our universe. As long as your character doesn’t go completely against the established lore, your Demon is welcome here! For a more comprehensive list of Demons, please check the following links:



Demons are all subject to the rule of Nodens. Nodens, also known as Lord of the Great Abyss and Nuada of the Silver Hand, is one of the Elder Gods. He appears as an elderly, human male with white hair - gray-bearded and hoary, yet still vital and strong. He prefers to hunt the servants of the Great Old Ones or Nyarlathotep because they are usually the most intelligent and offer the best sport, but not because he wants to help humans being attacked by them.


Because Nodens rarely calls upon his legions, powerful demon lords and deities may be able to gain enough power and influence to gain control over sizable armies of demonic creatures. Therefore, some demons may choose to seek power over others of their own kind, or, they may choose to keep to themselves, coming around only when summoned - and even then, more out of curiosity than anything else.

How do Demons Uphold the Masquerade?

The masquerade is just that: we are not human, and we hide our existence. All of this depends upon the particular Demon and how they exist in their natural habitat, of course. Generally, they cover their tracks. They may know each other well, but as soon as one is revealed, all are at risk. Hunters and Witches alike are quite skilled in banishment, which is a Demon’s greatest weakness. In order to uphold the masquerade, Demons often resort to tactics similar to those below to keep up their vitality:

  • Hiding

  • Moving silently or in shadow

  • Greater teleport - can shift back to The Void

  • Telekinesis

How do Demons recognize Each Other? 

Demons can feel the presence of The Void in their fellow beings. It has a sort of resonance that calls out from within them, which can only be felt by other Demons. Other notes about Demons: they are completely incapable of lying to one another. To other beings, yes of course…. But to other Demons, they must only speak the truth. 

What do Demons Get Their Sustenance From?

Demons feed off of the corruption of mankind:

  • Pride - the perversion of of the faculties that make humans more like Gods

  • Greed - rapacious desire for material possessions

  • Lust - intense longing; though while commonly thought of as intense sexual desire, it could also be a lust for power, money, and anything else that would be considered a perversion of goodness

  • Envy - like greed and lust, it’s an insatiable desire, though this applies to the possessions of someone else 

  • Gluttony - the overindulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste

  • Wrath - uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and hatred

  • Sloth - a failure to do things that one should do; laziness or even apathy or indifference 


Though this is what feeds the chaos within them, making their abilities stronger, they must also tend to the corporeal body that they are inhabiting, regardless of whether it was created or possessed. Demons may consume food and drink at will.

What Dangers Exist in the World for Demons?

The biggest threat to a Demon is banishment. Witches and Demons have long had a temperamental and unsteady relationship, and witches possess the ability and knowledge to banish Demons out of this plane.

A demon's blood is not a threat to Vampires. Not only can Vampires consume a demon's blood, but they will temporarily take on their more chaotic nature, feeling a surge in the powers they already possess ((with proper RP, Vampires will take on a +2 in all stats for a 24-hour duration.))


Demons have a very different aura about them, that will be sensed by witches and animals. While this isn’t necessarily an immediate threat, it’s something to be mindful of when navigating Wailing Rock. Demons can always strike a bargain with a witch, and can influence animals to bring about a calmer demeanor. 

Demons and Deals

So, you’ve either found yourself on this plane of existence simply because you took advantage of a break in the veil, or perhaps because you’ve been summoned here by a witch. Either way, you are now in the position of being able to strike deals with mortals, mainly for personal gain… though you might see this as a sport. A pact is a long-term contract.  Most pacts are contracts that endure for the remainder of the mortal’s earthly life.  Some of them even extend beyond the life of the individual into subsequent incarnations. The pact will bind you to the mortal, and the mortal to you, in a sort of astral marriage that will tie their work to your own, and will create a psychic proximity to that mortal that will likely never diminish. Remember - unless that witch summoned you here, you are most likely on the better side of the bargaining table! Meaning, you are the one that has all of the negotiating power. 

OOC Notes:


If you are seen in town in your "true" form, Sim Support will send a NPC witch in an attempt to banish you!

Appearances should be as reasonable as possible - no neon, no anime/cartoonish appearances. That being stated, we live in a time of extreme body modifications, tattooing, piercings, etc. It is plausible that your Demon form could pass as a body modification! Just be prepared to accept IC consequences should someone question your appearance. If you need assistance, please visit our Welcome Center, where Sim Support will be happy to assist you.

Masquerade and You: Notes

So, you're considering applying to Wailing Rock and when you do, you will need to check a box that states you have read all of the rules, and that you agree to the conditions created by our lore. One of those conditions is that you maintain masquerade - that is, that as a supernatural being, you do not expose yourselves to humans.

But then you think, I'm going to see what happens. Well let me tell you what happens: You die. You die horribly. Along with everyone involved.

Let's think about this logically. You saunter down the street in full view. Yes, you're big and strong, and yes, you might be faster. But you're outnumbered. You're outnumbered by humans who have guns, fire, and the ability to walk in the daylight. 

Then all hell breaks loose. Let's say you live - a massive hunt begins, and humans take out anything that even looks questionable. It becomes the top headline on news outlets worldwide. Or, let's say they find you and kill you. They put your body on display. The federal government swoops in and takes your body to Area 51. Worldwide news coverage. Who knows. Either way, you've irrevocably altered the course of humanity, forever.

It's 2019, we're in Washington state. The SL world we exist in is as close to the RL world as possible.

Maintain the masquerade.

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