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Sep 22



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Name: Moth

Real Name: Elyse Lisa

Age: 22

Species: Human

Occupation: Pro bono OPS Agent (a.k.a: Unemployed)

Gender: Androgynous non-binary tomboy (Preference for they/them pronouns, but will often RP using she/her to avoid confusion in large-scale group scenes.)


Orientation: Demisexual/Pan with a preference for other AFABs.

Languages: English, Cajun English and some French

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Star Sign: Capricorn (DoB January 17, 1997)


Abilities: None, just a plain 'ole human.

Weapon: Makes up for their lack of abilities in the weapons department. Has only one weapon: a hexed box cutter with an engraved Astaroth sigil. This weapon may seem meager, but it had a hex placed upon it by dark blood magick. When it cuts into flesh the bleeding will not clot and the injured will continue to bleed out unless treated like a hemophiliac immediately or taken to a witch doctor. The box cutter must also be "fed" weekly by the wielder. (This weapon has been sim-approved. Will provide a NC with rules during combat. Also learn more in RP.)

Hobbies: Being a weirdo and creeping around the city at night, weed (smoking and edibles), loitering in the vinyl record store downtown, card games, developing stalker-ish fixations on randos.




Hair: Russet brown, shoulder length, often worn messy and obscuring their face.

Eye: Light grey, small pupils and heavily-lidded.

Skin: Pale

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140 lbs

Style: Lots of black, androgynous streetwear. Uncomfortable presenting female. Wears a chest binder 95% of the time to appear flat and more masculine. Sometimes tucks their hair under a baseball cap or beanie.

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Scars/Wounds: Old scar on the center of their lips. Sustained fresh cuts on hands, arms and legs which are always concealed under baggy clothes or bandages (See "Weapon" above.)

Aesthetic: Creepy, pallid, and sick-looking. Deadpan and stoic expressions. Red eyes/dark circles under eyes brought on by lack of sleep. Skin is sometimes broken out from all the sugar and garbage food they ingest. Gets nosebleeds from the cold weather.




Dandere / INTJ / Chaotic Neutral

Introvert, but not a push-over. Cold, but not heartless. Reserved, macabre, and can come across as arrogant in conversation. But ultimately Moth is looking for friends, love, meaning, and just a little bit of chaos.


Positive Traits: 

  • Is loyal to their friends once they make them.

  • Behaves politely around strangers, specifically those with authority.

  • Hidden depths: An excellent violinist. A hypnotic gaze when their eyes aren't hidden behind their hair. Has emotions, they are just buried under layers of pessimism.

Negative traits: 

  • Has a negative outlook on life and identifies as an "emo" while simultaneously being an apathetic and nihilistic asshole. 

  • A thief and has a pension for stealing. It can range from small things like a bag of chips at the local grocery story to $50 bucks out of a strangers pocket. 

  • Has terrible social anxiety and uses sarcasm to cover for it.

  • Ambiguously malicious. 




Still currently suffering from amnesia. They woke up on the ferry to Wailing Rock with no memory of the past except blurry fragments and insignificant details. They arrived with nothing but the clothes on their back, $20 in change, and an old box-cutter with a rusty blade.




Moth was born in the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in 1997. Like most who lived there, their family was extremely poor and relied on amateur farming and trade with locals in the area.


Moth's mother operated an occult store and ran it out of their 4-room modified trailer. She called it a Herbalist Shop but that was just a cover to sell items used in hoodoo and witchcraft to the locals. She sold oils, candles, the bones of dead animals, you name it.


On the opposite spectrum, Moth's father was a practicing pastor and worked at the church in a nearby town. He was rarely home, but Moth would visit him and hang around the cemetery in the back, in the rec room and the library in the basement.


Moth's mother was a witch and she did not hide it. However she followed the right-hand path, practicing only light and healing magic. She preyed to angels and gentle spirits. Perhaps mother and father were not so different after all.

They had only one sibling, an older brother of 4 years. His name was Mothudi and he followed in their mother's footsteps. He practiced hoodoo and magick, but he deviated from their mother and went down a different path - the left-hand path. He practiced dark, blood magick, necromancy and demon-summoning.


When Moth was 15 it all went wrong. Their brother summoned a demon that possessed his soul: the demon Astaroth. Their father recognized this and was afraid. Their mother defended her son without truly seeing the danger. Moth's parents split and their mother moved them to Seattle, Washington and opened a new store with the little money they had. This time it was a real health store, but she continued to sell hoodoo items in the back room to special customers.


Mothudi fell deeper into dark magic, into his possession and obsession. It engulfed his whole soul and overtook him. 7 years after the move, Moth's brother killed their mother in a violent, unprovoked attacked. He tried to kill Moth, but they got away with a terrible head wound and fled into the city. Bleeding and disoriented, Moth ran to the harbor and snuck onto the ferry. It was there that they collapsed on the first bench they saw.


When Moth opened their eyes an hour later, their memory was gone and they were in Wailing Rock.




Likes: Chocolate, gummy worms and sugar in general, board and card games, snakes, pepe memes, anime and very specific types of edgy music (Doomer music, emo/SoundCloud rap, vaporwave, witch house, noise, doom metal, mumble rap, etc.) ← talk to Moth about this shitty music/artists/bands and you'll get brownie points.

Dislikes: Insomnia, black mold spores, the sound of people chewing loudly, the taste of cigarettes, demons and anything associated with that species in general.

Vices: Self-harm and cutting, candy and junk food, vapes their weed and is real classy about it, the loner lifestyle. 



Their nickname "Moth" derived from the first portion of their brother's full name "Mothudi," hence definitely suffering from some type of twisted big brother worship.


The hexed box cutter blade was given to Moth by their brother. He placed the curse upon the weapon himself and gave it to them for protection when they were just kids. However this "protection" is a double-edged sword since Moth is required to 'fed' it once a week with their own blood or others, hence it torments them in their sleep and daydreams. Moth has only ever actually used the box cutter for protection twice and continues to feed it regularly.



(Find out more in RP! SL Name: Elyse.Lisa)

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