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Sep 19

Amaris Knight


NAME: Amaris Knight

RACE: Human (Freshly Bitten Lycan)


AGE: 18 Human

HEIGHT: 5'4" WEIGHT: 123

INFO: Is a Mute since a young child knows sign language, Morse code and is now scar up done by her maker (NPC).


Amaris since she was little had been in a shelter overly protective family. Her mother having her on what one could say a short leash to a point was hard to breath at times. While her father was protective a bit more laid back at times until his daughter was crying or hurt then would see him act like a Knight in shining armor to come to her rescue.

Amaris parents argue a lot not out of hate but due to of it always being about Amaris condition. Making sure she was safe, care for, it was a lot people now of days were quite cruel and manipulative to one that was disable. This didn't stop her as she grew up learn many ways to 'speak' without using 'real' words.


At first was drawing what she wanted and needed then sign language. Learning at school how to read and write along with other subjects even help herself to pick up Morse code in girl scouts. Though the older she got it seems the invisible leash seem to get tighter around her neck. Until one day had a fight with her mother the one that was hard to convince she was not a little girl anymore and all grown up. She took shitty old car and left to get some air and jam to some tunes only to die. What great luck and being so shelter had a phone but during the fight left without it. Amaris started heading to the nearest gas station to pick up a strange noise. Her eyes widen then all faded to black.


Woke up in the deep woods scrambling to her feet to look around to be face with with a man. As he spoke to her in a calm creepy way soon told her to run and run fast. Amaris didn't understand what was going on until she saw him change before her very eyes and soon found herself running. A creature such as she witness took no time in catching up to her then started toying with her. Shredding her clothes clawing at her flesh from head to toe .Screaming and bleeding fighting him off to soon feel his teeth sink deep into her right shoulder.


Amaris scream out in pain and reach for anything to grab and soon found a thick branch and jab the beast with it for it to collapse to her side. Shaking in shock full of adrenaline ran and ran some more not stopping not knowing if this man was still alive or dead. She wander the deep woods for hours until she spotted light from a building. Seem a storm was going on during this time and found herself among Rangers.

The rest to be continue on sim. . . . .



This is the attacker Amaris was able to sketch up once all calm at the rangers place. (No this wasn't drawn by me all credit goes to original artist) --------------->


What Amaris Knight look like before her attack (No not real me just a representation of the girl found in Google) ----v


<--- What Amaris Knight look like After her attack (Yes this I did draw.)



v---- Tunes that best describe Amaris



Radical face - The mute (Lyrics)




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