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Oct 8

Cassius King



Name: Cassius King

Age: 26

Date Of Birth: June 17th, 1993

Place Of Birth: New York, New York

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Blue

Previous Occupation: Army Ranger

Current Occupation: Retrieval Expert

Height: 6'3

Weight: 205Lbs

Character Alignment:

Chaotic Good


Cassius grew up with his little sister, they both lost their parents at an early age to a home invasion gone wrong. Cassius and his sister Emma were raised in foster home after foster home but he did whatever he could to stay close to her. As they grew he taught her family above all else. The two were separated when Cassius turned 17, a fight in school led to him being processed and placed in Juvie. Upon getting out he found himself in the middle of more trouble, taking his sister(12) from her foster home illegally. He was caught shortly after that, he faced two choices...1) go to prison for Kidnapping. 2) Join the military and get his life together. He chose option 2.


Cassius made his way through the ranks he trained hard and hoped one day he could get his sister back. He ended up getting word that Emma had actually been moved and landed in a great foster family. Comfortable that she would be taken care of for the first time in his life he was able to just focus on himself. As he made his way through the ranks he decided to apply for ranger school and actually made it through. He worked hard and trained harder, after two tours, he was honorably discharged. Coming home at 24 he found Emma, a college freshman whose whole life was together.


Completely happy with everything she had accomplished he kept close contact with his sister. But one night changed his life while visiting Emma the local frat boys had a party. Cassius joining his sister for a party they quickly discovered these boys knew how to party, a little too hard. Cassius urging his sister to leave with him the two began to argue, leading to Cassius leaving the party. His sister wasn't so lucky, she ended up discovering these young men were a group nomad wolves that had banded together to make some sort of fraternity pack. Emma found that the party was ritualistic and that she was to be the prey for their monthly hunt. Cassius returned to the frat house to apologize and found his sister in a cage, after helping her escape they made their way to the woods. Only to be hunted down, Cassius and his sister hid only to have her panic and rush out to early. Cassius tried to save his sister but failed. He watched as she was torn to shreds by these wolves, and was about to be next but was saved by a woman. A woman who slaughtered as many of the pack that she could. Cassius grieved his sister, and more so let the anger for his failure to protect her fuel everything that he did. His savior informed him of the existence of the masquerade, werewolves and the war she had waged on them so many years ago. She admitted to him that she was sick, and would die soon and that if he agreed to carry on her crusade she would teach him how to survive in the world behind worlds. Cassius agreed and spent the next 2 years training. In that time he has become a proficient weapon, with one mission exterminate wolves. Though he has heard whispers of other beings out there, he has yet to meet any. He has come to Wailing rock as he heard that it might just have a wolf problem.


Personality: : unpredictable, independent, free-spirited, easy going, carefree, helpful, kind, merciful, respectful of personal liberties, and anarchic.





1. You shall lie in the pursuit of goodness.

2. You shall not harm the innocent.

3. You shall not murder humans.

4. You shall help the needy.

5. You shall honor those who promote freedom and goodness.

6. You shall break the law in pursuit of goodness.

7. You shall not betray others.

8. You shall avenge the acts of evil-doers and enemies of freedom.

9. You shall not place duty above personal desire to do good.

10. You shall seek unlimited good for others and freedom in society.




1. Failing to perform a random act of kindness when appropriate.

2. Failing to pursue a new form of pleasure.

3. Placing duty above personal desire.

4. Failing to assist allies or good beings in need.

5. Causing harm to an essentially good being.

6. Following a law when you feel that it unnecessarily restricts your freedom.

7. Turning down a chance to trick, cheat, or harm an evil being for personal gain.

8. Betraying an ally or friend for evil reason.

9. The murder of an innocent.

10. Aiding the servants of Order and Evil.


Carries a 45. with silver bullets, Liquid wolfsbane vials, Lucky zippo

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  • Thackery Claybourn heard the call of cosmos incarnate ... or so she imagined, her madness having descended to depths rarely seen but for the darkest cellars of asylums long-closed. The resonant, rousing cry of the earth itself from far across the sea summoned her to these moonlit shores of one Wailing Rock. Her footsteps sank into the shifting sands of timeless, tide-worn earth, sea creatures disturbed by each successive step in her plodding journey. Bubbles errupted from her clogged lungs, bursting on the surface not far above now as she drew nearer to her destined destination. The veiled head of an old, weary woman breached the surface, her one cloudy eye gazing around the cliffs while the light-house beam sweeps across them. Bubbles disturb the water of her half-submerged face and she strides onward, rising out of the water with a steady strength that betrays her apparent age. Confident steps take her onto solid land, soaked to the bone with sea water and skin like a shrivelled prune. In one hand, a hook, in the other, a crook, raising both to the full moon in a deep, rumbling roar that rises to a shriek. Her knees buckle beneath her and they thump into the sand, the rest following suit until she's prostrate before the fateful cliffs, making unnatural, unseemly sounds like a cat out of hell with a hairball stuck in her guts. She retches, she gags, she pukes and spasms as gob after gob of stringy seaweed erupts from her very lungs where she'd shoved it with ritual purpose. Now it flails from her mouth like salty tentacles, wriggling as the last few air-pockets pop and hiss their enchanted breath into the night. The drooling old woman suddenly seems every bit her age; gone was the strength that saw her across the sea bed. Lights in clifftop dwellings turn on here and there, but curiosity gives way to fear and indifference for the most part. T'was just a beast in heat, surely. Thackery Claybourn, Green Hag of Pendle Hill, had reached her final destination; the invigorating thought being all that kept her from passing out with exhaustion and magical fatigue. Certainly if not for the full moon's boon this would never have happened by her hand alone. Her arthritic head turns on a creaky old neck.... noticing the smaller island shimmering offshore. "Gamorrah's hairy balls.. I'm on the wrong cunting island" said the dear old lady, and promptly fell comatose in the soothing surf, which whispered promises of a pleasant death in her ear. Her sleeping mouth gaped like a fish out of water, wider and wider still... until a brown raggedy rat struggles out. Thackery manages two words, though they may be her last "Jenkins... Fetch..." Her vermin, familiar with the cryptic command, scuttles into town to lure a cat that lures a dog, in turn its owner to the cliff edge - where a woman lays dying on the beach. A bell was rung. Ropes were cast. A call went out for aid.
  • 》Name : Merry Morgan 》Alignment : Chaotic Neutral 》Age : 136 - Appears 26 》Race : Nature Spirit 》Orientation: Pansexual Merry has always been, though Merry hasn't always been Merry. For 136 years she has always been, and before that matters not, because she hadn't been then. When Merry first began, she wasn't a Merry. She wasn't an anything, a terribly confusing state to be in. But the harsh rattling of crows greeted her new being, and sang to her new ears, and she found she liked it. Harsh but lovely, this was decided, and then it had always been too. She had always been a crow from then. Before she wasn't, but before didn't matter because she hadn't been then. She was a crow now, was a crow always. Except when she wasn't, when she wasn't she was a woman, and she dubbed herself Merry, which she had always been from the first moment she was a woman. Merry is a kind crow, a kind woman, she's always been. Except when she isn't. One hand to cause the hurts, and one hand to soothe them. She provides a balm for aches even as she creates them. Merry is a canny crow, a canny woman, she'll tell anyone who asks her just so. Curiosity can lead to trouble, but answers usually follow. Answers and understanding go hand in hand. She'll tell anyone who asks that as well. Merry is a curious thing, has always been since her ears first listened and she first heard the crows. Since her eyes first opened and she saw a woman weeping. Since her lips first parted and she formed questioning words. A curious thing is she, and no curiosity can go ignored. As much as she watches, and teases, and plays, Merry is a very good listener as well. She'll tell anyone who asks her just so. She's always listened to a strange humming, a soft humming, a curious hum. She's always heard it, except when she didn't. A hum she heard and a hum she followed. A hum she chased, but a hum she didn't find. She did find an island though. A curious island with curious people and curious things, and Merry decided she'd been there forever. Except when she hadn't been.
  • Jsyn's spent the majority of his awareness of time, in the depths of the pacific oceans . The last decades up in the Alaska coast , Now he has trailed something along the ring of fire, coming further and further south . To the average eye, he worked a small commercial fishing trawler or was diving for sea urchins that clung and thrived along the sheer walls and canyons down in the frigid , black waters . Jsyn bears many traits that reflect his natures infinite ties to the Ocean , anti social and deeply distrusting of his own kind, females of the species even more so . Territorial , he started scouting out the rugged shore lines and below , for any dens or caves being un claimed by others . { tunes he has on high rotation on the boat }