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Aug 27

Clem Fandango


Edited: Nov 3


Clem in the woods at sunrise. His first week here.


Feeling pretty, might microwave a Hot Pocket later, IDK.


Name: Clem Fandango

Nickname: "Tripp"

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 50 (but some of those years were spent in a relativistic anomaly, so he looks 30ish)

Lives: Wailing Rock, in the woods.

From: Bar Harbor, Maine

Education: He knows he has degrees in computer science and communications.

Occupation: None. Living off a pension. Freelance DJ (court ordered)

Marital Status: Legally married to Gran Fandango; spiritually? It's complicated.


Height: 6’

Build: Athletic

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue (well, the one that still works)


Clem Fandango's personality depends on 1) time of day, 2) the proximity of alcohol, 3) the proximity of his partner, Gran. For the first, he is grumpy and growly in the morning if you see him on the street. At bars and clubs, he is enjoying the prospect of his next drink while consuming the one in his hand, and if Gran is around, he's like an over-excited, love-struck puppy.

Once you get past these superficial markers, Clem has a dry sense of humor and an amused, almost frightening thrill about being in a place weirder than Castle Rock or Arkham. He is pretty much an introvert until you add alcohol. At that point, he either becomes a generous host or a total dumpster fire. He is trying to keep the latter under control by staying home, enjoying the company of his friends, and figuring out why the hell he ended up on this island.


  • A bronze medallion around the neck that makes all non-humans uneasy about it and what it might do if activated or messed with.

  • A beat-up black leather wallet containing a few fives and an Enterdyne National Bank Visa card.

  • A wedding ring.

  • Usually a leather-bound journal or novel.

  • iPhone X



Clem and Gran are recording their adventures in Wailing Rock as a podcast (NEW EPISODES AIR ON KILN RADIO SATURDAY EVENINGS TBD):


Episode 1 (PILOT) WTF AM I DOING IN THE WOODS?!: https://youtu.be/J7QgxHjySlQ

Episode 2 "Apparently, I'm Dead.": https://youtu.be/77vRbohACUk

Episode 3 "Apparently, I'm A Retired Monster Hunter and Married?: https://youtu.be/WZroEdHjr7o

Pre-Full Moon Special: https://soundcloud.com/user-70000455/rf-wailing-rock-full-moon-special-report/s-Jt4qF

Post-Full Moon Episode Delay Announcement: https://soundcloud.com/user-70000455/rf-wailing-rock-post-full-moon/s-pcSS2

Episode 4: "An Existential Crisis and Using Christian Rock to Interrogate a Vampire": https://youtu.be/tpEa_Xk_NK4 Episode 5: "Apparently, Clem is Deranged and the Cat Doesn't Like Him" https://youtu.be/zL7-IGH0Mis If you have news, events, stories, or songs you'd like to hear, message him in-world.


First, if you see this creeper, invite him to eat a bag of soggy hog quim. And then RUN.

Clem arrived via ferry after it arrived in Wailing Rock. He was bounced by one of the operators of the ferry who thought he was drunk. Really, Clem was drugged and his last memory was being in a pub among friends in a small Bar Harbor Tavern. He had no idea how long ago that was. It might have been hours or maybe even months.

Wandering town, he thought for a while he was on one of those New England artist colonies until he realized the sun was going the wrong direction. As the hours passed, he found himself in the woods and a campsite with available cabins. A red one caught his attention with a familiar-looking symbol painted on the front wall and a letter pinned to the door by a Swiss Army Knife with his name on the facing side.

Clem learned from this that the person who brought him to Wailing Rock did so in order for him to "lay low for a while." And the interior was littered with type-written pages of some indecipherable academic subject, a few cheap furnishings and five cases of warm beer.

At this point, Clem is not so interested anymore in figuring out who he was. He's met that floating asshole farting green smoke carrying a book ...and doesn't need to do so again. He's met people who bring him into the now and make him feel like a decent human again.

That's not to say his first few nights weren't rough.

UPDATE: Following an encounter with the aforementioned asshole floating in a green fart cloud, Clem had to be "healed" and in the process, regained some of his memories.

Clem was once a member of a secret society of monster hunters and recently "retired" by them so he could finally enjoy life. This was an involuntary retirement and the details behind that decision are still unknown, but as far as the outside world is concerned, "Clem Fandango" was the victim of a carjacking in Bar Harbor that ended with him being tied to a tree, stabbed, and left to be consumed by the animals of the Acadia National Park.







They say I have a face for radio...

Following an encounter with the aforementioned asshole floating in a green fart cloud, Clem had to be "healed" and in the process, regained some of his memories.

Clem was once a member of a secret society of monster hunters and recently "retired" by them so he could finally enjoy life. This was an involuntary retirement and the details behind that decision are still unknown, but as far as the outside world is concerned, "Clem Fandango" was the victim of a carjacking in Bar Harbor that ended with him being tied to a tree, stabbed, and left to be consumed by the animals of the Acadia National Park.


I was 12 years old when they killed Belushi at the Chateau Marmont. I know because I was in the room when the two succubi stabbed him in the navel with a syringe full of heroin. I couldn't do anything about it. It wasn't just that I was 12 and had no power to stop two demons from doing whatever the hell they wanted, but that one of the demons had already slammed me across the bedroom into a dresser, nearly breaking my spine.

Outside, in the sitting room, Robin Williams sat motionless, eyes peering into the void as the drugs carried him on his own journey. It was my first "job" with the Hollywood Vampires and I remember waking in the hospital, surrounded by nurses watching Belushi's funeral on the news in my room. I remember thinking "It's my fault he's dead. The world's greatest demon slayer is dead because of me."



Gran, LITERALLY sitting on the mixing board.


You are a fluke of the universe...



I learned to play Dungeons & Dragons with Alice Cooper, Robin Williams, Sammy Hagar, and dungeon master to the stars Finn Fineman. I played a generic fighter. My first module? Tomb of Horrors. Robin played an evangelical cleric named Roofus the Gleeful and play stopped for long stretches as Father Roofus testified and tried to convert every kobold, creeper, and slime we encountered. Around three in the morning, Sammy's Magic User rolled three consecutive crit failures trying to save himself from a living pit of spikes, including a Save vs. Death. He died horribly and Sammy literally tossed the table, ending the session abruptly.


From then on, I played weekly, even on the road with Alice Cooper and his band. I had no idea someone could make a good living as a professional dungeon master. Finn went on the road with us and I heard a rumor he was pulling in $95K to write and direct a fantasy campaign. Finn was also a script doctor who did polish passes on Oscar-bait (he spells it "Oscarbate") feature films.

NEW EPISODE! RADIO FREE WAILING ROCK Episode 4: "An Existential Crisis and Using Christian Rock to Interrogate a Vampire": https://youtu.be/tpEa_Xk_NK4 Also, RFWR is moving to YouTube due to space restrictions. The trade off is there are tougher (C) issues, so the links are unlisted and I have two instances where the sound had to be changed. (EPISODE 3 is processing at this hour and may not be available until they swap some generic jazz for Jimi H.) Check the descriptions for details. Please remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so my life can have some meaning. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3t-7b_VHA-hijwdI77maiQ/videos


NO NEW EPISODE THIS WEEK! That's right because Gran and I are planning their overdue HONEYMOON to a nearby island owned by an old friend of mine. Lou Caskin busted his ass on the road for over 40 years and helped write some of the greatest rock songs ever recorded. He got the idea to buy an island in the Pacific Northwest back in 1983 when a bunch of us went to see the movie WarGames and he is living his dream with his wife Duraltia on 300 acres of lush, pristine forested hills. Out of the blue, Lou contacted me, congratulated Gran and me on the unexpected marriage and offered to put us up for a whole two weeks in his island hunting lodge. IMAGINE! Two weeks without monsters, demons, and blood-suckers (that don't exist). Gran and I can't wait. We'll be broadcasting "live" from the island via Internet the weekend before All Hallow's Eve so you can share our reception party with us. I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that nothing can go wrong with the two of us on a remote island in a stormy fall season where we can only come and go once a day, assuming the weather is clear enough for air or water travel. :)

Radio Free Wailing Rock is on hiatus. Thanks to folks for their support. Real Life is eating up all my spare time as a major project ramps up. Thanks for your support.

New Posts
  • Name: Lucifer Winchester (Goes by Luci or Luke) Age: 20 though he'll consistantly seem 18 Height: without heels he appears 5'7ish weight: somewhere between 140 and 160, hes not weighed himself or seen a doctor in a few years now. Likes: Aimee, weed, games, comics, art, fashion, painting. Dislikes: stains.. (might have mild ocd) when Aimee touches his paints. (minor things) Lucifer's parents were quite the interesting pair. One could have easily said they never left their 'goth' phase. However both were practicers of occult despite it not being close to actual witchcraft. They were the wannabees everyone hated. Thus it was no surprise when the two conceived a child, a son, they'd name him Lucifer. Of course, the omen came when his mother passed in childbirth. Or, at least thats what his father felt. Lucifer and he often had heated arguments, more so as Lucifer started to express himself through his clothing and appearance, choosing more of a feminine appeal. To be fair, he would wear mens clothes too, it was truly just whatever was most comfortable at the time. He preferred things with high quality looks with what little money he could either steal from his father or earn doing things for the kids around school. In school, however, is where he met Aimee. Somewhere amid the classes he picked up the theater side of things, costuming and painting backdrops. He fell for her somewhere amid helping her with a costume and just talking about things. But who would want a guy like him? Certainly no woman. So, thus began his stalking. He stalked her from sophomore year through to graduation, and then even after. During the last bits of high-school he was working in a gay bar called 'Bottoms Up' which put on drag shows and did singles nights, and once he was old enough he started bar-tending for them. Amid bar-tending he met a man named Adam. An older gentleman, Adam warmed up to Lucifer rather quickly, telling him of the woman he loved and felt he lost, and it wasnt long before Lucifer fell into bed. The night had been heated and he was soon met with a sharp pain in his throat.... He tried resisting, tried getting this man off of him, to no use. He was drained dry and turned. It was far from happy action... the two had words and in a rage Lucifer attacked him... told him Aimee would have never hurt him like this, forced him to be this way. Adam turned dark. Words Lucifer will always remember. "Then I suppose, I'll eliminate the competition" Aimee was attacked while she was tagging a wall in the forest. Lucifer, however, wasnt standing for it. He protected her with everything he had and everything he knew. Adam was left bloodless on the forest floor. Terrified, he healed Aimee, explaining everything to her in his panic. He must have apologized a million times.. but was silenced with a soft kiss to his bloodied lips. The two buried Adam somewhere in the ocean, hoping a shark or something would destroy the body, and decided they'd spend the rest of time together.. Aimee feeding Lucifer so he'd never go without and Lucifer providing Aimee with love and protection. Soon enough Lucifers 'nightmares' led them to moving far from the deposit site of Adam's body, and to Wailing Rock... What could go wrong?
  • Name: Megan Lilac Macleod age:18 Height: ..shes short Weight: a bit of a thicker snicker Scent: Lilac Perfume Occupations: Waitress at The Rodex Burlesque Dancer Human Origins Megan was born to a scheming mother, and a estranged father with a family of his own, used as a tool for blackmail and a means to sponge money. She'd go through her early years learning first hand about the corruption of man. Quietly observing the actions of those around her and the many faces that came an went from her home all caught up in her mothers game of social climbing through the use of her body. Through out the years she'd find some escape through the means of music and dance with a preference for the ballet. in spite of her shorter height compared to others she proved capable of the art gaining herself a scholar ship to a decent arts collage in New York city. Things were looking well for her an escape to something better was in her sights. To ash in her mouth as her haven were short lived through her studies in the collage she found herself a point of fixation and interest to one of the collage professors. The interest starting out in compliments and extra instruction. With each day the fixation grew she found new manifestations surfacing as the professor would advance further and further. Her sanity were hanging by a shred as she made a plan to end it once an for all. Everything were set in its place as she had him meet with her under the premise of giving herself completely to him. The pig went willingly being bound to the chair and she had the matches in her hand. Unfortunately time werent on her side as the two were caught by his wife. Upon being caught and assumed to be a adulterating mistress it didnt take long for her name to be black listed through the city of New York and to lose her place in the collage. Even disowned by her parents as she were packed up and shipped to wailing rock in hopes her laying low would offer a better start, No one could have guessed just how far she would fall. The Rise of Priselle Priselle came in to existence through the emotions of the first woman scorned, born to feed off the envy and wrath of jealous spouses. She is perhaps a little pretentious as a beauty of the darkness even in her true form. Not one to shy away when it comes to speaking her truth if she has an opinion you will hear it wither you like it or not. Priselle blends well with humans as she has a soft spot for the trinkets of mortals and rather enjoys items of luxury as each pricey item fuels her more with the envy of others, Her story among the world of mortals is yet to be written
  • Thackery Claybourn heard the call of cosmos incarnate ... or so she imagined, her madness having descended to depths rarely seen but for the darkest cellars of asylums long-closed. The resonant, rousing cry of the earth itself from far across the sea summoned her to these moonlit shores of one Wailing Rock. Her footsteps sank into the shifting sands of timeless, tide-worn earth, sea creatures disturbed by each successive step in her plodding journey. Bubbles errupted from her clogged lungs, bursting on the surface not far above now as she drew nearer to her destined destination. The veiled head of an old, weary woman breached the surface, her one cloudy eye gazing around the cliffs while the light-house beam sweeps across them. Bubbles disturb the water of her half-submerged face and she strides onward, rising out of the water with a steady strength that betrays her apparent age. Confident steps take her onto solid land, soaked to the bone with sea water and skin like a shrivelled prune. In one hand, a hook, in the other, a crook, raising both to the full moon in a deep, rumbling roar that rises to a shriek. Her knees buckle beneath her and they thump into the sand, the rest following suit until she's prostrate before the fateful cliffs, making unnatural, unseemly sounds like a cat out of hell with a hairball stuck in her guts. She retches, she gags, she pukes and spasms as gob after gob of stringy seaweed erupts from her very lungs where she'd shoved it with ritual purpose. Now it flails from her mouth like salty tentacles, wriggling as the last few air-pockets pop and hiss their enchanted breath into the night. The drooling old woman suddenly seems every bit her age; gone was the strength that saw her across the sea bed. Lights in clifftop dwellings turn on here and there, but curiosity gives way to fear and indifference for the most part. T'was just a beast in heat, surely. Thackery Claybourn, Green Hag of Pendle Hill, had reached her final destination; the invigorating thought being all that kept her from passing out with exhaustion and magical fatigue. Certainly if not for the full moon's boon this would never have happened by her hand alone. Her arthritic head turns on a creaky old neck.... noticing the smaller island shimmering offshore. "Gamorrah's hairy balls.. I'm on the wrong cunting island" said the dear old lady, and promptly fell comatose in the soothing surf, which whispered promises of a pleasant death in her ear. Her sleeping mouth gaped like a fish out of water, wider and wider still... until a brown raggedy rat struggles out. Thackery manages two words, though they may be her last "Jenkins... Fetch..." Her vermin, familiar with the cryptic command, scuttles into town to lure a cat that lures a dog, in turn its owner to the cliff edge - where a woman lays dying on the beach. A bell was rung. Ropes were cast. A call went out for aid.