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Jul 10

Larra Martell

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Name: Larra Martell

Aliases: none yet

Race: Witch

Age: 30

Hair: Usually blonde

Eyes: Violet

Height: About 5'8"

Father: Derrik Martell, Michelin star chef (deceased)

Mother: Michelle (Whitewood) Martell, criminal lawyer (deceased)

Hometown: Los Angeles -> San Francisco -> WR. Lived in Wailing Rock for three years.





-Movies (Horror, Sci Fi, Action)

-Music ( almost anything except blues)

-Yoga, Kickboxing




You might know her if:

-You're from Los Angeles. Her parents were both pretty well known, especially in upper crust circles, and their deaths were very public. Even reported on the news. (Feel free to IM for info/knowledge)

-You visited her last shop in San Francisco

-You're interested in the occult or have seen her shop in town (New Moon Occult and Spiritual Supplies)



-Her parents were murdered by the mob

-She killed a member of them sent after her

-Practices black magic and...necromancy?

-Has a talking cat

-Is a cat

-Still owes money to the mob

This is the kind of witch i need to know! Necromancy, talking cats...I'm IN!

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  • Valentina Grimmley was born to a Marquess father and a mother of little bearing. Her family consisted of three brothers and two sisters. Valentina was a well versed, well read, and always made herself to be proper lady in public. Her father sought to make sure his second daughter was well in mind as well as lady like. Her father had high hopes that she or her older sister would come to marry high. While they attended many parties and high society gatherings. Valentina just wanted to enjoy her books and being a well learned woman. Her older sister, Addison, dreamt of the grander lifestyle. Having riches, a fine husband, and being a proper hostess. A proposal came for Valentina in the way of a fine Duke. A man much older than her but still in grandstanding. Valentina wanted none of the man’s ideas of a proper wife. When Valentina spurned him in public the duke decided that she needed to pay. If she had known he was a Duke who knew magic she may have rethought her scorn of the man. Valentina remembers much of the massacre of her family. The evil glint of a smile on the Duke’s face as he made her watch and feel the pain of all the abuse, treated like a common whore. Valentina was thrown to the forest like so much discarded trash. That was where he resided, the man with no body temp, no heart, and a fine smile. That voice of an angel who complimented her animalistic need to survive, truly the world’s great warrior beauty, and how the world would mourn the loss of such a work of art. He offered her a chance at revenge, at a new life, at the ability to be better than she had been. Valentina took the offer like a fish to water. She gave herself over to the darkness. To embrace the truth of death and false rebirth. She was made that night under the New Moon, a hellion siren of death. A vampire who sought vengeance on the man who wronged her. Her sire taught her how to hone her skills, hunt with little mercy, and manipulate strong business men. A true dark beauty she was in all her deathly glory. Her sire enamored and in love with the bloody, dark goddess he had created. Her sire had hoped his little raven would have forgotten her need for vengeance and accept everything he gave her. Sadly, Valentina choose her hate, her need for the Duke’s death over her love for her sire. Her sire seeing her self-destruction left her with a single rose and a note within her favorite book. He had taught her everything he knew and thus moved on. He would not, could not watch her destroy herself for something so low as vengeance. When authorities found her they say she was bathing in the blood of the Duke’s family. His family hanging above her while she bathed in their blood, a gruesome smile upon red lips. The Duke had watched in horror while he was nailed to the wall. Large railroad nails went through his biceps, thighs, and phallus. A gruesome sight that left many who saw the scene; full of nightmares. Valentina of course was taken from the bath, laughing like a mad woman. Somehow Valentina had escaped the capture from the hunters and if you ask her how; you will always get a different story every time. Valentina went on to be cunning, ruthless, and a massed much wealth as a black widow in her many lifetimes. As Vita got older in her vampire age she began to calm down and settle into a normal way of life. Never forgetting that dark side of her but tempering it to the changes that society came with. Technology became a new thing that Vita had to learn to hide from. Then she grasped it and learned how to hone that knowledge. Her love for books became her profession. Vita works in acquiring rare and hard to obtain books and artwork. A black market dealer more than legit. This is where she met Bernardo fighting over one rare book he refused to part with. Bernardo had won it in an auction ,outbidding Vita for the prize. Vita lost a client over the loss of this book. That day Valentina learned quickly that he would be a rival but also a dear friend. Having not heard from one of her cluster mates in a long time she goes now to Wailing Rock to learn what happened and possibly make new connections. This is where Vita’s adventure begins.
  • Abridged Character Info: Arik Metzger Name: Arik NIklaus Metzger Age: 50ish (?) Race: Human (aren't we all?) Caucasian (?) Occupation: Currently Commercial Fisherman, Skipper of the Pacific Coast Trawler Amak Visiting Wailing Rock while the Amak is in drydock at Port Townsend, WA, undergoing repairs. Known to previously hail from Massachusetts. with a moderate hint of accent in speech, intermixed with a distinct speech style that might be of some European origin/ Arik has an American shorthair blue tabby cat that he is fond of, and which is quite often with him, which he affectionately calls Fuzzbutt. Yes, there is a quite indepth Character Background, but sharing too much just takes the fun out of life ;-)
  • Name: Lucifer Winchester (Goes by Luci or Luke) Age: 20 though he'll consistantly seem 18 Height: without heels he appears 5'7ish weight: somewhere between 140 and 160, hes not weighed himself or seen a doctor in a few years now. Likes: Aimee, weed, games, comics, art, fashion, painting. Dislikes: stains.. (might have mild ocd) when Aimee touches his paints. (minor things) Lucifer's parents were quite the interesting pair. One could have easily said they never left their 'goth' phase. However both were practicers of occult despite it not being close to actual witchcraft. They were the wannabees everyone hated. Thus it was no surprise when the two conceived a child, a son, they'd name him Lucifer. Of course, the omen came when his mother passed in childbirth. Or, at least thats what his father felt. Lucifer and he often had heated arguments, more so as Lucifer started to express himself through his clothing and appearance, choosing more of a feminine appeal. To be fair, he would wear mens clothes too, it was truly just whatever was most comfortable at the time. He preferred things with high quality looks with what little money he could either steal from his father or earn doing things for the kids around school. In school, however, is where he met Aimee. Somewhere amid the classes he picked up the theater side of things, costuming and painting backdrops. He fell for her somewhere amid helping her with a costume and just talking about things. But who would want a guy like him? Certainly no woman. So, thus began his stalking. He stalked her from sophomore year through to graduation, and then even after. During the last bits of high-school he was working in a gay bar called 'Bottoms Up' which put on drag shows and did singles nights, and once he was old enough he started bar-tending for them. Amid bar-tending he met a man named Adam. An older gentleman, Adam warmed up to Lucifer rather quickly, telling him of the woman he loved and felt he lost, and it wasnt long before Lucifer fell into bed. The night had been heated and he was soon met with a sharp pain in his throat.... He tried resisting, tried getting this man off of him, to no use. He was drained dry and turned. It was far from happy action... the two had words and in a rage Lucifer attacked him... told him Aimee would have never hurt him like this, forced him to be this way. Adam turned dark. Words Lucifer will always remember. "Then I suppose, I'll eliminate the competition" Aimee was attacked while she was tagging a wall in the forest. Lucifer, however, wasnt standing for it. He protected her with everything he had and everything he knew. Adam was left bloodless on the forest floor. Terrified, he healed Aimee, explaining everything to her in his panic. He must have apologized a million times.. but was silenced with a soft kiss to his bloodied lips. The two buried Adam somewhere in the ocean, hoping a shark or something would destroy the body, and decided they'd spend the rest of time together.. Aimee feeding Lucifer so he'd never go without and Lucifer providing Aimee with love and protection. Soon enough Lucifers 'nightmares' led them to moving far from the deposit site of Adam's body, and to Wailing Rock... What could go wrong?