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Sep 18

S a l v a d o r d e L u n a


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S a l v a d o r d e L u n a

Name: Salvador de Luna

Nickname: Sal, Dor, Moonie

Age: 23

Sexual Orientation: straight (with bi tendencies)

PoB: Spain

DoB: 10-Oct-1996 (Rat)

Sign: Libra

Lives: All over the world, now Wailing Rock

Family: Liliana Rodriguez (sister), Duncan Black (mentor and father-like figure in his eyes)

Job: “medium”

Race: Find out in RP

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Birth Parents: Enrico de Luna, Ziomara Jarimillo

Adoptive parents: Joaquin Zavaleta de los Montes, Maria Francisca Jarimillo

A p p e a r a n c e

Height: 5 9

Weight: 150 lbs

Build: lean

Hair colour: dark

Hair style: hipster

Eye colour: amber

Scars: hand, back, legs, chest

Birthmarks: crescent moon birthmark on left shoulder plate

Tattoos: yes

B a s i c s

This young Spaniard with a sense of adventure has come to Wailing Rock to continue to hone his skills and may be find what he has been looking for his entire life. With easy smiles and a cheeky smirk you might find yourself free of your wallet when encountering him. Don’t be grossed out by Scoundrel, his rat, Sal promises it’s super clean and healthy.

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