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Jul 6

Sionna Anderson

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Name: Sionna Anderson

Nickname: Si (Sci)

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 24

Lives: Wailing Rock, WA

From: Bayou La Batre, AL

Education: Associate’s Degree in Health & Fitness

Certifications: CPR/First Aid/AED, Personal Training, and holds a license in Massage Therapy

Occupation: Personal Trainer / New Manager of the Iron Lotus Gym - Wailing Rock, WA

Side Hustle: Massage Therapist (Operates out of her own home OR meets clients at their residence)



Height: 5’9

Build: Athletic / Lean

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue / Brown



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Constantly evolving - Accepting change with open arms.

Si goes with the flow of things, accepting the good, the bad, the crazy, and the boring as it comes.

Driven by the desire to help others achieve their inner awesome!

Aggressive in the gym, but overall not a very competitive/aggressive person outside of the gym unless pushed.

Devil’s Advocate

Southern / Alabama Accent - She got that southern twannnnng!



Strength / Endurance / Agility (For a human)



Basic Survival Skills



Lack of Support System ( Exploring the world solo - no known family left)

Risky Behavior

Can be socially awkward, sometimes finding it difficult to work with others

Being human (mortal)




Sionna Anderson is the name, most people back home just called me Si. Home… Bayou La Batre, AL. We’re not in the bayou anymore, are we? **Taps ruby red slippers together** My new home, Wailing Rock, WA. How the hell did I get here? Let’s start from the beginning.

I was raised by my maternal grandfather James Hassett, aka Gran-daddy. My grandmother passed away when I was only a toddler, I never knew or had any contact with my biological parents. I only know their names, Carrie Hassett and Zachariah Anderson. I came across a photo every now and then… but Gran-daddy always made sure to toss those in the trash bin. He would always speak of how the memory of losing his little girl was too painful to bear. Gran-daddy would never tell me much… just how my Momma used to be his world, how her purity and goodness brightened even the darkest rooms, and how much potential she had… and then how some devil of a man swooped in, seduced her, took advantage of her good nature, and destroyed her soul. I presume drug use… Though I should have, I never pursued the topic of my biological parents too much or my paternal lineage. No use in chasing people who wanted nothing to do with me, right?


Gran-daddy was a Vietnam Vet and a peculiar man. He was extremely superstitious and his hobbies included exploring conspiracy theories and all things supernatural. Did he a bad habit of pushing his wild theories and beliefs too far - of course, the whole town treated him like a pariah and shielded their children from him, but he had a flair for it and it seemed to make him happy, giving his life a deeper purpose, and all be damned if I was going to stop him from his happiness.


Gran-daddy made sure I knew how to hold my own, making me the Independent adult I am today. His methods of instilling this strength were brutal but effective. He wanted me to know how to survive on my own, especially in extreme situations, in the apocalyptic sense. Many summers I spent weeks trekking through swamps and forests with my Gran-daddy, learning how to survive in different climates and living off the land… fishing, hunting, trapping, etc. Did my gran-daddy dump me in the middle of the woods miles away from civilization to test my skills and will to survive? You bet your ass he did. Borderline child abuse? Probably. But hey - I’m still here, that’s got to count for something right? I’ve never seen anybody more proud than my Gran-daddy after me returning home after 3 days in the woods, dirty, dehydrated, hungry, and with a nasty case of diarrhea… did I mention I was only 10?


Moving on… I was always athletic. I began playing sports competitively at a young age and always enjoyed being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, swimming, climbing, etc. I attended a local community college on a full athletic scholarship - Softball. I received my Associates in Health & Fitness with the goal to become a Personal Trainer. I became a certified Personal Trainer and obtained my license in Massage Therapy. After college, I took a job at a local gym - helping people reach their fitness goals! Let’s get physical! At the ripe age of 22 I was promoted to GM of the Gym and was one of the most sought after personal trainers in the area. Go me!


My Gran-daddy passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack on my 24th Birthday. With no known family to turn to, I felt alone and disconnected. I felt like the world was closing in on me, choking me. I soon became restless and detached as if I were being pulled towards something, but I couldn’t explain it. Memories of adventures with my Gran-daddy flooded my mind, one more so than others… Our vacation in Wailing Rock, WA. There was something about the island that drew me in. The only time I had ever felt rooted to something in my life was during our brief summer vacation in Wailing Rock. The Nature Preserve and its earthy pine smell calming my spirit, grounding me and giving me peace… and the cool salty mist from the angry Pacific Ocean kissing my skin, soothing me like a gentle hug, giving me comfort that I had never experienced before. My mind was also frequented by memories that were very foreign to me, like they were not my own. They often came to me during my sleep, waking me up in a cold sweat. It was me… but it was… not me… The dreams were often very intense and bizarre, like a page out of my Gran-daddy's supernatural journal… Feeling that the stress of my Gran-daddy's passing was eating away at me both mentally and emotionally, I decided it was time for some change. I sold off my Gran-daddy's estate and assets - lucky me, the man had few debts to be paid. This, along with my savings, gave me the chance to pick up my life and relocate. Wailing Rock, WA, here I come!


I purchased a home located in the Nature Preserve, sight unseen. Bright idea? No, but I’ve been lucky so far! The home, although rustic and not completely finished, has been a dream. Within a few short weeks, I landed a position as the Manager of the Iron Lotus Gym located in downtown. It’s smaller and a little more outdated than what I’m accustomed to, but with the right attitude and a healthy sense of humor, I can make do with anything! I’ve also set up a small massage parlor in the back room of my home. The room is cozy and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Preserve… now all it’s missing is clients! Seek and ye shall find, right?


So now I begin my new life in Wailing Rock, WA. Alone, but hopeful. Curious as ever. Free to grow and expand my horizons. Home Sweet Home. As for the strange dreams - well… they’ve persisted, but I’ve embraced the girl that haunts my sleep, like a long-lost sister I never had.

Ooooh, Is it possible Sionna is a medium??! who might the mysterious girl be? Very interesting backstory 😊

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