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Sep 6

The Doll (a serial) {Completed}


Edited: Nov 1

Like the song’s parody goes, “School’s back from summer.”


The woman considers the school building briefly before grinning to herself. A pleasant thought flits through her mind and she begins to plan.

Sep 10

Lianne bounces eagerly in the child seat in her mother’s car as they drive to the school. The nearly seven year old is enthusiastic to hang out with her friends again. Mommy pulls up to the curb, shuts off the engine, and walks around the car to help Lianne out. The happy, tow-headed girl races into the building ahead of her mother.


The pebble watches all.

Sep 19

Lianne, another week into the school year, remained as eager and excited for school as she had been the first day. Happiness shone from her sky-blue eyes when she talked about her days at school. She had made new friends, reconnected with a couple of others from the previous school year, and met new teachers she adored. Mrs. Plumber was a nice woman who never raised her voice, not even when Kenny acted out at his meanest. But she always knew how to calm the boy down. And she always liked Lianne's drawings, even when Mrs. Plumber was busy with other things.


The wing mirror of her mother’s car kept its eyes on her.

Sep 25

Mrs. Etteridge signed for the UPS parcel with mild confusion. She hadn’t ordered anything, and her husband hadn’t told her that he had done so either. But the name and address was correct. Perhaps someone else had purchased something? A mystery to ponder later in the evenings with a glass of wine.


When she carried it inside and unboxed the outer shell she was pleasantly surprised to find a birthday-wrapped box within. More to the point was the invoice outside the gift wrapping. The present inside was delivered on behalf of the church congregation, the invoice announced, in advance of Lianne’s seventh birthday. They must do something nice for the church next Sunday, she decided.

It had taken some discussion, and after a couple of days of allowing Lianne to take the doll to school with her, now the doll (named “Anna” by their daughter) lived at home. Lianne’s parents found themselves charmed by the little songs the girl sang to Anna.

Oct 13

Lisa-Marie wasn't happy with some of the new songs Lianne was singing. But with the stores bringing out Halloween decorations, she supposed they were inevitable.


"Slenderman, Slenderman, All the children try to run.

Slenderman, Slenderman, To him it's all the fun..."


She looked out the window to where Lianne played with Anna as if they were both singing on a karaoke machine. It didn't work - Lianne had dropped it months ago - so the little girl was singing louder to compensate. "At least it's not Christmas carols yet," she sighs aloud before going back to doing the dishes.

Oct 17

Lianne was bouncing in her car seat, even more excited than the day she'd first gone to school. When the SPIRIT Halloween Store logo came into view she squealed loud enough to make her mother wince.


Two and a half hours later, she danced her way out with a tired Lisa-Marie trailing behind her. In the little girl's arms? A cute witch costume complete with a pointy hat and wand. Not the Harry Potter style witch, one just like the witch in Looney Tunes.


Naturally, she wanted to show it off in school, too. But her mother held the line and insisted that no one else in her classes would be wearing their costumes until Halloween. Besides, the more often she wore it, the liklier that something would happen to it and ruin the costume.


"All the way home, Lianne sang that song in French," Lisa-Marie told David after their daughter had been tucked into bed. "I was about ready to cut her throat..."


David looked at his wife and said, "Only metaphorically, I hope."


"Oh, well, yes, of course."

Oct 22

Lisa-Marie hummed softly to herself as she pulled the laundry from the dryer. After she got halfway through the task she realized that, rather irritatingly, she was humming the French tune that Lianne had been singing to Anna. She stopped herself and picked a They Might Be Giants tune to hum instead.


Lisa-Marie carried the laundry basket to the living room so she could fold and watch her soaps. She pulled her first shirt out of the basket, then jumped and shrieked in surprise.


Anna stared up at her from the basket. "Oh, shit," she moaned to herself. "I put her doll through the wash!" Lisa-Marie reached down to pick the doll out of the laundry and stopped.


The doll was cool to the touch. Room temperature, in fact. It hadn't been washed and run through the dryer.

Oct 29

Lisa-Marie Etteridge sat at the computer, pecking out her search terms with two fingers as she tried to remember her 20-year old failed French classes in High School. Lianne has been singing a song in that language the past couple of days. It was rough going, because she couldn’t remember the spelling rules. The song went something like, “Dance fleur some isle, gee lay ah fate sore…” After thirty minutes of trying various spellings, she decided to have Lianne sing it into the microphone and use Google Translate that way. She picked up David's zippo and headed out onto the porch to smoke and think.

Oct 30

It had taken several tries, but Lisa-Marie Etteridge’s blood ran cold as she stared at the screen when she finally got understandable results.


FRENCH (detected):

“Dans leur sommeil, je les ai fait sourire.

Les nourrissons et mari et parents.

“Dans leur sommeil, je fermai les yeux.

Avec du fil si fin et mince.”



"In their sleep, I made them smile.

Infant and husband and kine.

"In their sleep, I closed their eyes

With thread so thin and fine."


Lisa-Marie clutched Lianne to her in sudden terror. "Where did you learn this song, sweetie?"


Lianne squirmed at the pressure of the embrace. "Anna sings it for me," she answered.


It took Lisa-Marie a second or two to work the lump out of her throat to ask, "Anna sings it? When does she sing for you?"


In a matter-of-fact tone Lianne responded, "Anna sings for me as I'm falling asleep. Then she promises to be my best friend and show me how to make you grin soon."


Lisa-Marie had no response.


((French supplied by Google Translate))

Yesterday had been very noisey. Mommy and Dad had insisted on getting rid of Anna, and Lianne threw a fit. She'd also broken a few toys before Mommy had put her foot down and said that if she didn't stop, there would be no trick-or-treating.


A few minutes after Dad drove off in the car with the doll, it was okay again. Anna was with her. In her head.


She had gotten TONS of good candy while trick-or-treating! Lots of Snickers and Three Musketeers and Sixlets and ... but Mommy got the way she always did and wouldn't let her eat as much as she wanted. That was a couple of hours ago, no.


Lianne pattered in her bootie PJs down the steps from her bedroom to the kitchen. It took a couple of minutes to move a kitchen chair over to the counter. She climbed up onto the chair and pulled open the drawer. The bright metal flashed in the light from the outside street lamps, but Lianne’s red eyes didn’t even look at the utensil after she picked it up. She carefully clambered down off the chair and headed back upstairs.


“Mommy?” her quiet voice called into her parents’ bedroom.


Lisa-Marie only barely woke. “Mmm?”


Lianne crept into the room. “Can I come sleep with you?”


Her mother mumbled something positive, and Lianne climbed up onto the bed.


The little girl carefully lay the butcher knife across her mother’s throat and pushed. The sharp, sharp blade sliced her esophagus and both blood vessels almost instantly. Lisa-Marie tried to gasp, to cry out, but only a bubbling, whistling sound escaped her. Lisa-Marie's hands flew to the wound as if to try and hold her slit throat closed. But the demon possessing her daughter was far too thorough, too careful in its placement of the cut. Even before her thrashing around had a chance to wake her husband, their little girl turned to do the same to him.


A quick trip out to the garden shed brought back the half-full gas can that daddy used to keep the lawn mower running. She left it in the two-story entry room at the front of the house. The little girl walked back upstairs to get at the vacuum cleaner mommy always kept in the hallway closet.


Lianne had to work hard to roll Daddy’s office chair across the entry room’s carpet. The seven year old worked in silence with an evil glint in her eyes, but somewhere in the corners the girl’s terrified screams could be seen … if only there was a witch nearby. There was not. Eventually the chair stood under the bannister upstairs, directly under the knotted electric cord dangling down from the upper level.


Lianne opened up the gas can and started pouring it out all over the rug in a pattern with points and curved lines. She left the gas can at the door and tipped it over onto its side, letting the remaining fuel pour out. Lianne climbed up into the seat, stood on the edge and reached to pull the loop of the rubber-coated wiring around her neck. Red eyes turned to daddy's zippo and she opened and ignited the device with care. A tiny whimper escaped her before her face turned cruel again. “Never trust a talking doll, kid," came out of Lianne's mouth as she spoke to the otherwise empty room. "We always lie. Cthulhu fthagn.”


The little girl kicked herself off the chair’s seat to hang from the bannister. It tipped over and the zippo fell from her fingers. The gasoline-soaked rug lit immediately to burn in a pattern some called the Astral Elder Sign. Fear and fire lit her eyes as Tossyrth the demon jumped out to leave Lianne to burn and strangle. The Fire department would not save any of the family.


((Happy Halloween!))

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  • Couldn't breath! She had sprinted to the den as fast as her human legs could carry her in fear of getting caught in the inevitable shift. Really, she never made it inside the den. Once in front of the opening, she gave into the engulfing sorrow and rage. It was probably the fastest shift she had ever done. Pity since the physical pain would have been a respite of the torture in her heart. And it probably wasn't anything close to what Lili was going through. Once she was shifted, she stood on all four legs, joints locked. This howl was going to be hours long. Until sun up. It was the only vigil she could offer her friend. Her howl would be able to travel down the mountain and into town. All lycans and Nature Spirits would be able to hear and understand the long and mournful notes. Vampires and demons, while probably wouldn't understand what her vocals said, might note there was a very upset mourn filled lycan howling for the remainder of the night hours. Her howl started angry. Angry for Harry getting killed. Angry for him not bothering to say good bye. Angry at herself for letting her hurt feelings prevent a last pleasant encounter instead of the resentful one a few weeks ago. Anger with how this would hurt Amaris. She too, loved Harry. Most people who met him liked him, at the least. The more one got to know him, you couldn't help but befriend him. It didn't matter what race you were. Harry was a listening ear, a mediator, and a friend to all he met. Who would want Harry dead? Who had the ability to kill a lycan? The confusion and lack of information added to her anger. Eventually, with the waxing moon cresting, her notes sang of her deep sorrow. Her memories of him flirting with baby Faith. There was the times he and Lili came over for family meals. When he had helped her with Toni and her first shift. The full moon where she had wrecked the forest. Oh he had been so angry with her over that. Still, he had forgiven her. She was sure there were many stories that she never knew from all of those he had touched in his short life. She hoped they would come add to her howl in their own time, to honor Harry. The Lycans would not be the only ones to miss him. Harry worked closely with the Nature Spirits. They too, deserved to know of the tragedy that had befallen. They too, deserved a chance to mourn the passing of one so devoted to Wailing Rock. The Nature Spirits, in turn, could inform those that needed to know but couldn't understand Audrey's language. The island itself might feel this sorrow. It had lost a son. Harry had been fifth generation on this island. His own grandfather had taught him the ways of their people. All of the stories, legends, and the truths. He had been the last of the Longfoot clan. Surely the Island would feel the loss. And still, she kept howling through the night. She didn't feel the burn in her throat, nor the thirst. All she knew was she had to keep howling for Harry's memory until the Dawn came for them both. When it did, Audrey finally stopped. The rising sun was just coming up and her tribute to her friend finished. She collapsed on the spot, still right outside the den's entrance. The shift back to human was not felt, nor were the tears streaming down her cheeks as she finally cried herself to sleep.
  • I feel the motion of the car before I open my eyes. The air is blue-black, brown-black, black-black. Smell of gas, oil, animals. I'm in the trunk. My wrists and ankles tied. Tape over my mouth it almost covers my nose but I can breathe barely. I must have been here for hours, everything's stiff and my head throbs like someone's drumming on china. The car stops. He turns off the motor -- but there are no traffic sounds. No people sounds. No wind. What place has no wind? I turn my head towards the sounds like people watch radios when something terrible happens. My palms are sweating. Where am I? The trunk squeaks as he lifts it up and the sun blinds me. He almost looks like a faceless Jesus surrounded by light. He pulls me out of the trunk and bangs my head against the door. I try to cry out, but it comes like a hum. He drags me, half-standing, along a dirt road into a house. I can't see any other houses and it looks like a farm. The screen door bangs behind me and I feel a deep, deep pressure inside. All the rules have changed here. I'm dragged down a hall like a bag and I look for a phone, other doors. Nothing but bare floors and brown boxes in small rooms. He pulls me into the bathroom and I almost crack my head as he pushes me onto the floor. Tilts his head to the side and gazes at me as if I was a pet then walks out. I'm lying there for a long time, trying to get the tape off of me. My eyes are tearing. I don't make a sound. I can't get up and I keep rolling from side to side, trying not to make noise. I've got to get him to talk to me. If I can get this thing off my face I can talk to him. I'll tell him my name. Have you killed other women in here? I'm thinking you've got hundreds of them nailed down, hung on walls, hanging from ceiling fans swinging dead in summer wind. Why did you pick me? If I had stayed to finish at the library I would have been there twenty minutes longer maybe I'd have been OK. Would have rushed into the house, books piled up in my arms like a baby, and blurted explanations why I was sorry. So sorry I'm late everyone. Would you have waited for me anyway? Would you have picked another woman? Would I have read about her in the paper and said oh my god, I was there that night... and called all my friends in a panic. Telling them then how much I loved them as if I'd never have the chance again. I wonder what everyone is doing now. Putting up signs. Showing my picture on the evening news. Calling old friends. Maybe I'm not even considered missing yet. The family will fall apart and my parents will go crazy. Slowly. My brother will be so quiet at the funeral and insist the casket be closed. (I never even told anyone what kind of funeral I wanted when I died.) Maybe years from now they'll find my skeleton on the floor here and they'll have to use dental records to identify me. My family will say "At least we know now. We always hoped she was alive somewhere. We just hope she's in peace." When I sleep my dreams are crazy -- I'm flying over fields. I don't think I sleep for more than twenty minutes and when I wake up, it feels like I'm under a heavy blanket. I'm still here. As I wake up I hear a dog barking in the distance and I think I'm in my parents' house in South Carolina. When I open my eyes, there's a shotgun pressed between them. I'll never get married. I'll never have kids. I'll never go to Europe. I'll never learn to play piano. I'll never write a book. The last thing I hear is a click.
  • Building a Demon 101 So you want to build a demon but don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’re well versed in demonology and other mythologies, folklore as well as other tales and you just want some more material to get inspiration and ideas from. Well, here’s a helpful guide to help you build a demon. Please note, this is a player made guide to assist you building a demon and should not be used to citate lore with or dictate how you should do things on Sim. Please refer to the lore on the website of Wailing Rock or the excellent staff team which will assist you further than what this guide can. This guide will be constantly updated with new information, new content and a friendlier system so that anyone can use it in the future and so it still pertains to the lore of the sim. Step 1: What effect do you want to have on people? This question can be broken down into a very simple little system in regards to demons, and that is the seven deadly sins. Do you want to make people lust over you? Be angry around you? Be greedy? Prideful? Think of the seven deadly sins and think about which one you would enjoy roleplaying the most because being a lust demon who flirts with everyone can be draining at times, the same goes for wrath if you’re fighting with everyone, but also you have to think about what’s in your capability range for role play, can you flirt? Can you make someone angry without making everyone else hate you? All of these questions are what you need to think about when considering what type of effect you want to have on someone, and it doesn’t need to be a single sin, it can be multiple, or all of them, the point is of what you’re capable of and what you enjoy. 7 Deadly Sins Explained This isn't to say you can only feed off of one sin, or that your demon is strictly confined to one sin, the demons within the lore of the sim can feast off of all the deadly sins and emotions of mortals. Step 2: What kind of mythos are you wanting to base your Demon around? I know that we use the Cthulhu mythos on Wailing Rock but that doesn’t mean your Demon needs to originate from any of the Lovecraftian lore, in fact there’s very little if any evidence of any Demon existing (It can be interpreted that Nodens and other entities are demons but the term 'demon' isn't spoken of). So you have a lot of free reign here in terms of what type of creature you want to base your Demon around in any specific mythos you’d like. I’ve found a perfect website for anyone to research through and see what creature they’d like to find for their Demon. But don’t just plagiarise, take something from the website and mold it into a new demon, maybe take half of one and half of the other to make a new demon hellspawn, also take into consideration what type of demon you have created, a lust demon isn’t going to look like it’s about to beat you into the ground with huge biceps and biological weapons like a wrath demon, or eat you in one large mouthful with a huge jaw like a gluttonous demon, they’re going to look smaller, more petite and rely on charm and good looks, elegant features. Monster Vault Step 3: What abilities outside of the typical Wailing Rock lore do you wish to have? I’m not talking about being able to kill everyone on sim, I’m talking about unique features that your demon can have for example; A lust demon having a kiss that will charm someone for an hour. A wrath demon that will insight fear into someone via a scream. A gluttonous demon being able to regurgitate the most delicious smelling food. A pride demon being able to use illusion to create jewels and trinkets. Make it unique to your character, but don’t make it overpowering, write up a racial trait and then see if it is just something that your character can do to its self, or if it does something to other people, and if it does something to other people, including a dice roll in there like having to roll a 60+ to charm someone on a kiss. Also include things like weaknesses, does that kiss wear off after an hour and make the target get angry? Think of spells and abilities that will work well with your Demon and see which works. To help with this on the Monster Vault there are sometimes racial abilities of specific creatures written in the descriptions. Just as a note, when creating any racial ability or spell and you're unsure if it'll be allowed, or if it needs tweaking then please reach out to sim support and they'll assist you. Step 4: What is your backstory? This is possibly the most interesting of the questions because this is something that is purely up to your imagination. Were you created at the dawn of time by a powerful entity? Were you created by another demon that just sought to increase their army, did you break away from that army and decided to live your own existence. Think about your creation, when you were created and how you were created or even possibly why you were created. Give your Demon a purpose in life other than to just feed off of sin and cause turmoil, some demons have small sized ambitions by possibly hunting a family and their generations through the ages, some Demons have huge ambitions by swaying history a specific way, or causing so much sin in one place that they have made a historical event or large parade, here’s two examples; Your wrath Demon caused a war in the past. Write up some history with that war and how it effected the world and why you did it. Your pride Demon influenced so many young teenagers to create the LGBT movement and rally pride events each year to feed off of those mortals all across the globe. Material for inspiration: Any Horror movie or book with any non typical supernatural entity in it. (Eg: Mirrors, IT, Annabelle, Insidious) Monster Vault Folklore Ancient History Modern History Demons within Wailing Rock are only limited to the writer's imagination, as long as it still fits within the lore, then you’ve pretty much got free reign as long as you don’t make anything too overpowered, or attempt to be one of the great old ones or have your character influence the already defined lore of the sim. Try to be creative, bend the rules of what’s normal and remember to have fun.