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Sep 28

The Shoal - Group for Water-Born


Edited: Sep 28

"An aggregation of fish is the general term for any collection of fish that have gathered together in some locality. If, in addition, the aggregation comes together in an interactive, social way, they may be said to be shoaling." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoaling_and_schooling


Yes, you read it right the Water-Born in Wailing Rock is shoaling.


Are you a Water-Born in Waling Rock? Not sure where to find more of your kind? You found the right group. All Water-Born are welcome.


A sanctuary where we can meet each other, chat and discuss ideas for roleplay and events Come join us.


In addition to the discord group this is an inworld group for Water-Born but this is not a race group:

Group key : 07fa9105-8e5e-01b5-9264-a7894d13d5d8

Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/07fa9105-8e5e-01b5-9264-a7894d13d5d8/about

New Posts
  • Our cause is just. Our union is perfect. Too long have we been made to hide, to practice our craft behind closed doors, bathed in shadows and secrecy. Our people have been hunted, burned, stoned, and persecuted for too long. The time has come to rise up, to take our rightful place in the world. To do so, we must be cunning, we must be strong, and we must be crafty. Join the revolution today. The Vox Magicae The Voice of Magic; an aptly named group which aims to provide a platform for an often marginalized group. While upholding the usual practices of a Coven, the Vox's main goal is to use the collective power of a group of witches to slowly work its way into the infrastructures of the world- starting with the town of Wailing Rock. This would allow them to gradually shift and adjust the mechanisms of society to be more and more favorable to those of us who have to abide by the strict and oppressive Masquerade laws. They aim to lift up other supernatural creatures as well; making life better for vampires, nature spirits, water-born, and everyone else...while keeping Witches firmly at the top, of course. Normal humans have had their shot... now it's our turn . Coven Values Witches come first. Always. The safety and protection of witches is a priority; do not harm another witch unless absolutely necessary. Be both teacher and student. An uneducated witch is a dangerous witch; we embrace each other's strengths and weaknesses, and strive to share as much as possible. Play by the rules, unless told otherwise. Public magic and any masquerade breaking will result in excommunication (Warlocking) from the Coven - in order to disrupt the system, we must play by the system's rules. The plan is to use this group to do some really awesome witchy stuff, as well as to create some fun, independent RP and conflicts among factions! If this is something you'd be interested in... Contact: Jack MacKenzie (SawyerMistStrider Resident) for an IC meet-up if you're interested! Also available on discord at: sawyermiststrider#9339
  • Come to me children of Uvhash and find in my arms kin and respite. We will look out at the world and dictate as our heart's desire. All I ask of you in return is total and unwavering loyalty. Purpose of the group: We are here to promote roleplay. The group exists to connect and harbour those of our kind who are without family. The group also exists to protect and uphold the masquerade. It is every member's duty to serve, to gather information and flex sway over Wailing Rock that the Coterie always remains prosperous & in power. Who can join: First and foremost the group is open to Vampires who do not have an existing family. Come if you are without Kin, prove your loyalty and we will open our arms to you. Secondly, the group is open to Humans or Witches who wish to become Blood dolls, Ghouls or even in Vampires in time. We protect those who provide for us, there are rewards and benefits for those who perform dutifully. For the most part, the Coterie is happy to work with Hunters provided our objectives align. Rules: 1) Break the masquerade & you will be dealt with. If you fail to clean up your mess then you will be made an example of. 2) Expose your family & you will be dealt with. 3) Vampires are above all others. All other creatures may never be trusted with group knowledge nor shall other creatures they be treated as equal. 4) Our servants shall not be harmed, if a vampire is to take a servant then it falls to the Vampire to keep their house in order. 5) We do not turn without purpose, one MUST serve the Coterie before any gift is given, especially blood ritual. IC - How to find us: You may be invited to attend a meeting of suitability by an existing vampire member. Alternatively, our Enforces have the power to invoke membership. OOC - How to find us: Please message us in world ~ Pierre A. Garamond (tobias.limondi) - Assistant District Attorney Merah Selenoa (mzbabiigurl) - Captian of the WR Sheriff's Department ℒyяιc (red.lynkray) - Rose Cabaret Singer
  • T H E A C A D E M I A Clypeus meum, et est scientia; Ignoto meus et gladio. The Academia is a proud institution whose goal is to shelter, encourage and empower talented individuals. We pride ourselves for our philosophy; the pursue of knowledge, power, liberty and greatness; our bravery when searching through the unknown and our expertise at the unseen arts. At The Academia you may surround yourself of like-minded individuals, partake on their experiments, learn and share your own experiences with like-minded individuals. While we are proud of our collection of arcane writings and have many expert Academics, it is of our understanding that knowledge must be transmitted horizontally, so long as respect is maintained. Who are we looking for? We search for bright individuals looking to extend their knowledge in the Occult arts. It matters not if you know much or little - all knowledge big or small is welcome. You may inquire with Agnes Sharpe (cateerina Resident), Vanessa Winters (ReinetteBellefleur) or Katherine Anne Montagu (MotherSpiritOcello) OOCly about attending the Academia! More information given upon meeting in-character!