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Aug 8

Looking for work!


Looking for work? Sam and Nora Elsereth recently moved to Wailing Rock and bought a house with horse stables in the woods. They're settling in and opening up a few places of business.



-> Stables: Boarding horses and training riders. Needs stable hands.

-> The Vault: An elite establishment for a specific clientele. Needs bartenders, servers, hosts and bouncers. (OOC: For vampires and their guests only. Vampires and witches need only apply. NO lycans or humans.)

-> KILN Radio: Partnering with Wailing Rock Gazette. Looking for on air personalities, DJs, producers. tech/sound people and marketing. (OOC: If you'd like to do an actual recorded show, IM Nora for more information as well.)

-> Nora's Book Nook: Nora's 12th branch of her book store franchise. Open 24/7, NPC's Susie Q and Jane Doe are almost always there, but we would love to bring in a few book lovers to help out!


((For any of these, IM Samael Elsereth (Elsereth Resident) or Nora Elsereth (jstjdySL619 Resident))

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