So You Want to Roleplay a Human...

Sticking to what you know? Excellent!


First, a quick glimpse at Humans, according to Wailing Rock’s lore…

Honestly… there’s not much here to tell! Humans here are going about their lives in the exact same way that we are in real life. We go to school, we get jobs, we get married and have children. We rely on our electric devices and thrive on social media. And for those of us that are hyper-aware… Humans might detect that there is something more out there, blending into our surroundings and threatening the fiber of our very existence.

Where to Begin

One of the advantages of being a Human in Wailing Rock is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of work to decide how to go about your daily life! Another HUGE advantage is that you aren’t restricted to being human for the rest of your life! You have the choice and ability to be transformed into something more, depending on the encounters that your character has in Wailing Rock.

What Supernatural Changes Can a Human Go Through?

Below is the list of Supernatural forms that a Human can take:

  • Vampire: a human may be sired by a Vampire under the New Moon. This process takes three days to be complete, and after, will have formed an unbreakable bond to their progenitor.

  • Ghouls and Blood Dolls: while these aren’t necessarily “supernatural”, these certainly qualify as something more than Human. Once a permanent bond has been formed between Vampire and Blood Doll, that Blood Doll is then considered a Ghoul, as they would then require their Vampire's blood. The power in the Vampire's blood very briefly carries over to the Ghoul, and if the Ghoul receives its regular feedings, does not age. When they are deprived of their feedings, they age quickly and are prone to being more frenzied, much like an addict (for additional information, please visit the Vampire page on our website.)

  • Lycans: Humans may be bitten under the Full Moon, turning them into a Lycan. However, this transformation takes 30 days, giving the Human time to seek out assistance in preventing the change.

  • Demons: while a human can’t become a Demon, they absolutely can be possessed by one. While this will cause long-term damage to that vessel, that Demon could live out several lifetimes within that human body.

So Wait… Humans Can’t Become Nature Spirits or Water-Born?

Sorry, but no. Nature Spirits are creations of the Aether, and therefore, it is impossible for a Human to become a Nature Spirit. And Water-Born are a born race, with the ancient curse in their blood - and because that curse is tied to a specific ancient Native American tribe, it’s not transferable.


Human Appearances


  • Ages: 18  – 115 years of age. 

  • Heights: 5ft 2 to 6ft 6.

  • Build: Ranges from person to person. 

  • Racial Features: Round ears, basic looks, varied skin colors and hair colors. 

  • Languages: Common, but can know other languages if given the correct back-story

Human Abilities and Weaknesses



Humans are smart, talented and creative, capable of many wonderful ideas and gifts. They have survived on this earth for thousands of years, unknowingly competing with predatory races such as Vampires and Lycans. Their instincts have protected them in ways most cannot fathom.

Runes, Rituals and Cults:

Though the majority do not turn to such activities, humans possess the ability to use rituals to boost their power and abilities, often bargaining with a Great Old One for favor and blessings. There are multiple rituals that humans can perform, which may give them a temporary boost of power when dealing with the supernatural (or even in their day-to-day lives). However, this brings its own troubles with over-extended use. The ritual capabilities are very Eldritch, and requires calling upon the blessings of the Old Ones. As such, overuse will result in problematic situations for the human, potentially even enslavement by the Old Ones. 


There are a few rare humans that are fully aware of the existence of supernatural beings. Some of these humans dedicate their lives to the capture and extermination of such creatures, and will go to great lengths to not only purge the earth, but maintain their secrecy to protect mankind.

There are Hunters among us in Wailing Rock. For more information, click HERE




For every strength, humans also possess weakness. Regardless of which talents a human masters, there will always be fundamental flaws in humans - a need for air and food, and bodies that are highly susceptible to injury. 

Humans and the Masquerade

As stated above, there are some humans that are fully aware of the existence of supernatural beings. It is imperative that they keep this information to themselves, or they risk being silenced.

There are some circumstances in which Humans may actually be in league with supernaturals – perhaps they are a servant to a Demon. Or they sympathize with Nature Spirits and work to conceal their existence. As long as you’re helping to maintain the masquerade, let your imagination take you where it will.

What Can Humans Consume?

We’re not entirely sure why we need to address this, but in case anyone needs a refresher:

  • Food and drink. This one is obvious, but again… the healthier the food, the better it is for your body. However, barring any allergies, you’re free to eat and drink whatever it is that we can consume in real life.

  • Alcohol and Drugs. Clearly, drugs are bad, but we’re not going to tell you that you can’t use drugs. Alcohol can be harmful if you overindulge but is generally fine in moderation.

What Dangers Exist in the World For Humans?


Aside from all the dangers in real life? Well… we live in a world of supernatural beings. Some are quite peaceful, and some definitely are not. Typically, Vampires and Demons look at humans as little more than a source of sustenance (though Vampires are more likely to form bonds with humans, as stated above). While Water-Born are typically peaceful most of the time, they do feel a stronger pull toward their primal instincts during the full moon and are more susceptible to harming humans during that time.


Lycans are typically peaceful, as are Nature Spirits. And witches, for the most part, live side by side with humans seamlessly.

Humans: The Birds and the Bees

Humans can and do have children. It's what kept the planet going for thousands of years! Typically, two humans will have a human baby. There are RARE instances where two humans may give birth to a witch, but this is because those traits existed in the bloodlines of both parents, and have managed to finally manifest. When humans mate with Lycans or Water-Born, that child has a 50/50 shot at being either/or - they cannot produce a 'blended' race. Since Nature Spirits are created from the Aether and not 'born', they are incapable of creating a child that is anything but human. 

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