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Local Businesses

New to Wailing Rock and seeking employment? Or perhaps you're a local, ready to make a career change? Check our local business listings below! 

Want to work as an an employee at one of our local businesses? Please contact the business manager directly for employment opportunities.

If you’re considering running a business in Wailing Rock, please review the terms below:​

      1. If you would like to manage a business listed as "Seeking Management" on the website, you'll                  need to notify Sim Support by putting in a Help Desk ticket. Please do not message staff                          directly!

      2. Businesses that are provided by the sim come as-is. If you wish to make changes, you must:

            a. Put in a Help Desk ticket

            b. Enter into a rental agreement

      3. If you go inactive for more than two weeks without contacting Sim Support regarding your                     business, the business is considered forfeit, and will be listed as "Seeking Management" on                     the website.

      4. Should you decide that you no longer wish to run a business, you need to notify staff by way of             a Help Desk ticket. Please do not hand over the keys to your business to another player                             without contacting Sim Support!

      5. If any issues arise that need immediate attention, please IM anyone on Sim Support either                       in-world or on Discord so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your consideration!

The Vinyl Resting Place

Owner: Rhys Winters

(RhysCarlier Resident)

Frozen Fancies FroYo

Wailing Rock Cafe

Owner: Charlie Gerard

(Luc Fray)

The Pearl Motel

Owner: Ginger Westbrook

(Ginger Hummingly)

Salty Orca Tattoo Parlor

Owner: Cordelia W. Blake

(SocketRocket Resident)

Las Fiestas

Owner: Nicholas Shepard

(erosesque Resident)

Helios Antiquities

Owner: Bernardo de Leon

(NakedLunch Resident)

Animal Clinic

Owner: Grace Frontenac

(Countess Chickenwing)

Service Station

Sublime Massage

Owner: Haven Savage

(AriaSaint Resident)

Cavas del Conquistador

Owner: Seb Urriaga de La Vega

Now Hiring!

Goodnight Moon

Spiritual Shop

Owner: Nymeria III

(ShiloHarlow Resident)

The Crowley Quill Bookstore

Owner: Ryder Kosolv

(Tristan Trellis)

Alchemy Brewing


Owner: Trey Silvershot

(TreySilvershot Resident)


Owner: Olivia Harris

(reganelise Resident)

The Smoke Shed

Owner: Rodrigo Ortiz

(Richtz Davi)

Iron Lotus Gym


(contact Sim Support)

Wellness Clinic


Owner: Available

(contact Sim Support)

Misery Point Lighthouse

Owner: Agnieszka Wisniewska

(Svetlana Lebed)



(contact Sim Support)

Conservation Society

Owner: Jysn Downfall

(Jjsyn Resident)

Trattoria di Stefano

Owner: Tessa Neil

(Trixie Neox Resident)

Rocking Horse Stables

Owner: Merah Selenoa

(mzbabiigurl resident)

Mind Boggle 

Shelter and Community Center

Owner: Amara DuBois

(Amara Parmelee)

KILN Radio

Owner: Nora Elsereth

(jstjdySL619 Resident)

Wild Bloom

Owners: Sirena Wildes and Orlyn Bocanegra

Caoine Bakery

Owner: Belle O'Duffy

(Juno Mantel)

Nora's Book Nook

Owner: Nora Elsereth

(jstjdySL619 Resident)

The Komrade Bar

Owner: Abigail Tatham

(drerickson77 Resident)



(contact Sim Support)

Sucreries Creoles


Owner: Odette Laveau

(TsintahAtwell0 Resident)

Ward Custom Cycles and Repair

Owners: Zane and Orchid Ward

(Atrum Anton)