Wailing Rock, an island located in the San Juan Islands, was founded by a small group of colonists sometime in April of 1892 . It was known as the Colony of Birchmen - 15 people, led by founder Fletcher Birchman and his wife, Mary. Along with their supplies, they also brought birch tree saplings, and planted the birch trees that are seen on the island today. Accounts of their tale vary, although one of the most commonly believed is that the settlers thought the island was known as 'Whaling' Rock due to the high population of whales around the island. 

They heard stories of Wailing Rock by Aboriginals they encountered during their travels, who avoided the place entirely due to the high-pitched screaming they heard at night on the dark rocks, and the grim tales told around the fires of the last people that lived there. The Aboriginals told them tales of an ancient tribe, which worshiped Great Old Ones, not of this world, that vanished into the sea - and how they believed that these Old Ones were held at bay only by the orcas that inhabited the waters. The colonists discounted the legends as just that - legends - and decided they would try their luck in the whaling industry due to the abundant supply of the creatures roaming the waters. It was not long until the settlers learned of the strange happenings upon the desolate rock. Between the eerie stretches of silence and the high pitched wailing moans that echoed out across the rocks, they decided to change the name from 'Whaling Rock' to 'Wailing Rock'.

The colonists were successful for a short time, but after a few years, they disappeared without a trace. Though Mary Birchman kept excellent journals that accounted for their humble beginnings, the records became illegible, sporadic and puzzling just before they stopped altogether. There were odd sketches as well, not only of the colonists and the local flora, but creatures that must have been seen during some sort of feverish delusion. There were also phrases like "Undine" and "forest abominations". The very last entry is a mystery - the last pages had been torn from the worn little book. Did they leave of their own accord? Or did they meet a more heinous end? Of course, others came after them, and with better luck, because Wailing Rock is now a flourishing little island town, with decent weather, breathtaking sights and decent folks.

The woods upon the island are thick, and seem to carry an almost mystical vibe as dappled sunlight pours down from the tall redwoods that inhabit the rich soil. It is said that creatures roam the woods and waters around the island, but most folks just chalk it up to old superstitions and folk tales. The town itself now thrives off of tourism and fishing. Wailing Rock boasts both a large whale population, and an abundance of fish near the rocky shores; tours are chartered out regularly for sight seeing and fishing. Hidden lakes and ample, extensive trails upon the island also bring in backpackers, horseback riding, and campers. The town survives off of the tourism it pulls in at various times of the year, and contains all of the amenities that modern-day living requires. The only way to reach the island is by boat - the town of Wailing Rock has its own ferry. It boasts many local shops, entertainment, and comfortable accommodations for the average tourist and local alike.  

Due to the area's temperate climates, consistent cloud coverage, and considerably quiet lifestyle, Wailing Rock has not only become a seasonal tourist area, but also a haven for supernatural creatures. Vampires are able to roam more freely due to a lack of direct sunlight. Lycans have expansive woods to run through, as do the Nature Spirits, with whom they have a easy friendship. Demons have their pick of the population in a town that rarely seems to sleep. Witches have a quiet place to commune with nature and perfect their craft, and the Water Born have access to coves and the open ocean. All in a place where most humans don't suspect a thing.

However, are these supernaturals the only force at play in Wailing Rock? Or is there something larger, more sinister here, pulling the strings? Will you come and take refuge here, content to hide yourself away? Or will you delve into the biggest secret of all - the cosmic horrors that encompass this place? The choice is yours. 

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