Q: Boo, I don't see my race listed. Now what?

A: Well, If you'd like to play a race that 1) is not currently listed on the 'Races' page and 2) does not go against Wailing Rock's rules (please check there first!), contact Sim Support so that we may better assist you. If you're willing to meet us halfway, then we're more than happy to accommodate you to the best of our abilities! 


Q: I'm not sure how to put my character together. Can you help?


A: We most certainly can, and will!

Q: The website says that supernaturals have to maintain a human appearance, but I reaaaallly like these pointy ears and pink hair... can I keep them?

A: That depends. We live in a world where tattoos, piercings and body modifications are popular, and hair can be any color of the rainbow. As long as it could pass for something 'realistic' in that sense, it's perfectly okay. Again, if you're unsure, just ask.

Q: Wait, I have more questions!

A: We have answers (well, most of the time)! Just drop us a line here, or come see us in-world


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