Abigail Tatham (Abi)

Hello, I'm the Burrito Supreme here in Wailing Rock! I've been tooling around in Second Life for quite awhile, playing almost every fantasy and supernatural character there is out there. But in my real life, I'm enjoying retirement (so long, combat boots!) and making up for lost time.

I'm usually lurking somewhere on sim, juggling the administrative tasks for our players. However, I am almost always up for a scene, so if you see me around, send me an IM and let's work something out!

If you ever need help with anything, let me know! Unless it's IT-related... then you're better off asking someone else. Seriously.

Also, Two here? She's the best. I'm glad we found each other - we make a good team, from building sims to early-morning shenanigans.

Thanks for stopping in - next time, bring tacos! Mmmm.....

Player Two (Raz)

Under construction, please check back soon! Maybe she went to get tacos? Mmmm...

Sim Support

These brave souls are the ones that assist Abi and Two keep Wailing Rock sailing smoothly! Not only do they assist players on an administrative level, but they also have the very important task of  advancing scenarios, stories and events. Got an idea? Find them in-world and help create something great!

Lilliana Rodriguez (Zera)

Hi! It is me ZERA - or Nymphea Darkthorn, whichever! RP has been in my blood since I was 8 playing D&D with friends after school. I have played many table tops, from World of Darkness, D&D, Pathfinder, Star Finder and so forth wearing many skins to know the character. I have LARPed and been an avid person in the gaming community. It is my escape from the Real, as they say. I have been in SL since 2009; Zera is just the youngest of my three and the one I consider my main now. The skins and avvies I have worn are many and the roles I have played on sims go far. No matter what though, drama-free and open to building a great story in any way I can. Trying to be the mean person in any group never truly works so feel free to reach out to me. Wailing Rock is truly the home I have been missing in SL; so I am excited to work to build its future stories with you all.

Bernardo de Leon

Well, let's see... my retired main is ten years old, and most of those years have been in RP, from medi-fantasy to post-apocalyptic. I love to write short dark stories in real life, so being here with the supernatural is a perfect fit!

I'm looking forward to watching Wailing Rock unfold and grow with beautiful and wicked characters across the board.

Sebastian Urriaga de La Vega (Seb)

Tacos? Did anyone say tacos? Ok, ok, before you lose me to food. Hey! I'm Stan and I'm here to help this amazing community of writers have a good time OOCly and terribly dramatic times ICly (insert evil cackle here). Avid writer and always willing to have entire conversations that consist of gifs (or /jiffs/ according to my grandma). If you have any ideas, talk to us (it will mostly be me answering back, though I cannot account for what my other personalities do when I black out. They are mostly nice. One is naughty. May the odds be in your favour.). I salute you and hope we can have some epic stories together

Judah Kilroy

Have been around SL for several years now and love to write stories and meet new people! I am totally approachable so please don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas or questions! I have played RPG's for many years and got my start on old tabletop games, ranging from AD&D, to the White Wolf games, Cyberpunk, GURPS, just about all of it I have played at some point. I love working with people on great story ideas and I absolutely look forward to getting to know everyone here and writing awesome stories together!

Tobia Limondi

Hi, I'm Toby. You can often find my character soaking in the Bar life of Wailing Rock. My timezone is SLT+10 and as such, I am usually online from around 5 PM till the wee hours of the morning. If you need any assistance please feel free to message me! And of course, please feel free to approach me for roleplay!

Samael Blackthorne

He's a little odd, and we're not entirely sure how useful he is... but we keep him around for moral support, and because he's a lot of fun. 

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